Access To Free CompTIA Project+PK0-004 Questions and Answers

Access To Free CompTIA Project+PK0-004 Questions and Answers

CompTIA Project+ certification is ideal for professionals who need to manage smaller, less complex projects as part of their other job duties but still have foundational project management skills. It can improve your position and help you get a big promotion in your career. To assist all candidates, FreeTestShare offers 100% authentic PK0-004 Questions and Answers that will help you pass the CompTIA Project+ exam and make you an expert in technical knowledge, allowing you to operate in the industry at the highest level of excellence.

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1. A company’s management team is in a meeting to review all the products and services delivered in the first quarter of the year for profitability. They are requesting information on payback period, return on investment, and total cost of ownership. The project manager is checking the project repository for available documentation.

In which of the following documents is the project manager MOST likely to find the required information?

2. A project manager is not required to participate in performance appraisal meetings with team members.

The project manager is working within which of the following organizational structures?

3. A project manager determines deliverables are not meeting customer specifications.

During which of the following project phases is this determination MOST likely to happen?

4. After identifying all known tasks, the project manager has started to sequence and set durations.

Which of the following describes how the project manager should BEST determine the initial sequence and durations?

5. The PMO has asked the PM to provide a status report indicating the number of events and activities required to complete a project.

Which of the following charts should the PM include in the status report?

6. A security breach was identified within a large company. The authentication server crashed, and employees are unable to access their accounts.

Which of the following project constraints will MOST likely be impacted by this issue?

7. The design activity of a project has the following cost attributes:

PV = 100,000

EV = 20,000

AC = 90,000

Based on this scenario, calculate the schedule variance.

8. A change is being implemented on a project, and while in testing, it becomes clear that the change cannot be finalized due to the severe impact it would have on other critical systems.

Which of the following should the team consult to determine which actions to take?

9. After SOW and contract approvals, the project manager plans to schedule a meeting with the business analyst and several end users.

The project manager’s main objective in this meeting is to:

10. Due to a new government regulation, a project change is required. The project manager evaluates the change and realizes a representative from the legal department will need to approve the change as well.

The project manager should:


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