Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) 212-82 Real Questions

Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) 212-82 Real Questions

Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) 212-82 real questions are available online to free practice. The Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) is an entry-level cybersecurity program created by EC-Council to address the global demand for a qualified cybersecurity workforce. We just cracked the latest Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) 212-82 Real Questions to help you study all the questions related to the rea objectives, It can help you pass your exam easily.

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1. In an organization, all the servers and database systems are guarded in a sealed room with a single entry point. The entrance is protected with a physical lock system that requires typing a sequence of numbers and letters by using a rotating dial that intermingles with several other rotating discs.

Which of the following types of physical locks is used by the organization in the above scenario?

2. Kayden successfully cracked the final round of interview at an organization. After few days, he received his offer letter through an official company email address. The email stated that the selected candidate should respond within a specified time. Kayden accepted the opportunity and provided e-signature on the offer letter, then replied to the same email address. The company validated the e-signature and added his details to their database. Here, Kayden could not deny company's message, and company could not deny Kayden's signature.

Which of the following information security elements was described in the above scenario?

3. Johnson, an attacker, performed online research for the contact details of reputed cybersecurity firms. He found the contact number of sibertech.org and dialed the number, claiming himself to represent a technical support team from a vendor. He warned that a specific server is about to be compromised and requested sibertech.org to follow the provided instructions. Consequently, he prompted the victim to execute unusual commands and install malicious files, which were then used to collect and pass critical Information to Johnson's machine.

What is the social engineering technique Steve employed in the above scenario?

4. Walker, a security team member at an organization, was instructed to check if a deployed cloud service is working as expected. He performed an independent examination of cloud service controls to verify adherence to standards through a review of objective evidence. Further, Walker evaluated the services provided by the CSP regarding security controls, privacy impact, and performance.

Identify the role played by Walker in the above scenario.

5. Paul, a computer user, has shared information with his colleague using an online application. The online application used by Paul has been incorporated with the latest encryption mechanism. This mechanism encrypts data by using a sequence of photons that have a spinning trait while traveling from one end to another, and these photons keep changing their shapes during their course through filters: vertical, horizontal, forward slash, and backslash.

Identify the encryption mechanism demonstrated in the above scenario.

6. An MNC hired Brandon, a network defender, to establish secured VPN communication between the company's remote offices. For this purpose, Brandon employed a VPN topology where all the remote offices communicate with the corporate office but communication between the remote offices is denied.

Identify the VPN topology employed by Brandon in the above scenario.

7. Steve, a network engineer, was tasked with troubleshooting a network issue that is causing unexpected packet drops. For this purpose, he employed a network troubleshooting utility to capture the ICMP echo request packets sent to the server. He identified that certain packets are dropped at the gateway due to poor network connection.

Identify the network troubleshooting utility employed by Steve in the above scenario.

8. Ryleigh, a system administrator, was instructed to perform a full back up of organizational data on a regular basis. For this purpose, she used a backup technique on a fixed date when the employees are not accessing the system i.e., when a service-level down time is allowed a full backup is taken.

Identify the backup technique utilized by Ryleigh in the above scenario.

9. Stephen, a security professional at an organization, was instructed to implement security measures that prevent corporate data leakage on employees' mobile devices. For this purpose, he employed a technique using which all personal and corporate data are isolated on an employee's mobile device. Using this technique, corporate applications do not have any control of or communication with the private applications or data of the employees.

Which of the following techniques has Stephen implemented in the above scenario?

10. You are a penetration tester working to test the user awareness of the employees of the client xyz. You harvested two employees' emails from some public sources and are creating a client-side backdoor to send it to the employees via email.

Which stage of the cyber kill chain are you at?


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