Perfect EC-Council Certified CISO 712-50 Dumps To Test Yourself

Perfect EC-Council Certified CISO 712-50 Dumps To Test Yourself

If you want to pass EC-Council Certified CISO 712-50 exam, FreeTestShare is the place to go. 712-50 dumps have been updated with real exam questions and answers to help you prepare well for the 712-50 exam. We guarantee that you will have a better understanding of the EC-Council Certified CISO 712-50 exam topics and patterns. To ensure that all test questions are true and valid, they have been corrected and updated. You can also practice the actual exam questions online. FreeTestShare 712-50 dumps include real exam questions and answers, allowing you to pass the exam on the first try.

Test yourself with these 712-50 practice exam questions now!

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1. An access point (AP) is discovered using Wireless Equivalent Protocol (WEP). The ciphertext sent by the AP is encrypted with the same key and cipher used by its stations .

What authentication method is being used?

2. Which of the following statements below regarding Key Performance indicators (KPIs) are true?

3. SCENARIO: A CISO has several two-factor authentication systems under review and selects the one that is most sufficient and least costly. The implementation project planning is completed and the teams are ready to implement the solution. The CISO then discovers that the product it is not as scalable as originally thought and will not fit the organization’s needs.

The CISO is unsure of the information provided and orders a vendor proof of concept to validate the system’s scalability. This demonstrates which of the following?

4. Which of the following conditions would be the MOST probable reason for a security project to be rejected by the executive board of an organization?

5. Which type of scan is used on the eye to measure the layer of blood vessels?

6. Scenario: The new CISO was informed of all the Information Security projects that the section has in progress. Two projects are over a year behind schedule and way over budget.

Using the best business practices for project management, you determine that the project correctly aligns with the organization goals .

What should be verified next?

7. When information security falls under the Chief Information Officer (CIO), what is their MOST essential role?

8. As the CISO, you have been tasked with the execution of the company’s key management program. You MUST ensure the integrity of encryption keys at the point of generation .

Which principal of encryption key control will ensure no single individual can constitute or re-constitute a key?

9. The Annualized Loss Expectancy (Before) minus Annualized Loss Expectancy (After) minus Annual Safeguard Cost is the formula for determining:

10. Scenario: You are the CISO and have just completed your first risk assessment for your organization. You find many risks with no security controls, and some risks with inadequate controls. You assign work to your staff to create or adjust existing security controls to ensure they are adequate for risk mitigation needs.

When formulating the remediation plan, what is a required input?


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