Free TDA-C01 Exam Questions For Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam

Free TDA-C01 Exam Questions For Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam

Do you want to become a Tableau Certified Data Analyst? A Tableau Data Analyst enables stakeholders to make business decisions by understanding the business problem, identifying data to explore for analysis, and delivering actionable insights. FreeTestShare TDA-C01 Exam Questions will help you better comprehend the information included in the actual exam. TDA-C01 Exam Questions must be used to thoroughly prepare for the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam. It covers every topic and curriculum of the actual TDA-C01 certification exam. You will be able to pass the TDA-C01 exam with flying colors if you use our practice questions and answers.

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1. You have a dataset that contains sates data. The following is a sample of the data.

You need to return a value of true if a month has sales greater than $50 000. otherwise the formula must return a value of false.

Which two formulas achieve the goal Choose two


You have a dataset that contains daily sales by business segment from 2017 to the present

You want to use monthly historical trends to predict sales by segment in the future

Which three actions should you perform m order?

(Place the three correct options in order Use the arrows to move Options lo Answer Area I In Answer Area arrows to re order the options.)

3. You have a Tableau workbook that contain three worksheets named Sheet1 Sheet2 and Sheet3.

You create several filters.

From the Data Source page you plan to add data source fillers

When type of filter will appear in the Edit Data Source Filters dialog box?

4. in which throe formats can you export a worksheet from the Worksheet menu? Choose three

5. You have the following data source in tableau Server.

You need to ensure that the data is updated every hour.

What should you select?


Open the link to Book1 found on the desktop. Open Disciplines worksheet.

Filter the table to show the members of the Top10 set and the members of the Bottom10 set. There should be a total of 20 rows.

7. You have the Mowing dashboard.

Which two elements are floating? Choose two.

8. You have a line chart on a worksheet.

You want to add a comment to March 2020 as shown in the following visualization.

What should you do?


Open the link to Book1 found on the desktop. Use the Superstore data source.

Split the Customer Name field into two fields named First Name and Last Name.

10. You have the following dataset.

Which grouping option should you use m Tableau Prep to group al five names automatically?


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