Pass Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam With Real Questions and Answers

Pass Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam With Real Questions and Answers

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification is the most foundational one which tests the basic product knowledge about Tableau Desktop.To pass the exam, you need to score at least 750 marks out of 1000 from the 40 scored multiple-choice questions. FreeTestShare offers this Desktop Specialist practice exam with real exam questions and answers to help you know the exam topics and layout. it includes real Desktop Specialist questions and answers, which have been corrected and updated to ensure that they are true and valid.

You can practice the actual exam questions online.

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1. How does Tableau know at which level to aggregate values?

2. Which one of the following is a dimension?

3. How would you calculate GDP per capita in Tableau?

4. True or False: It is possible to add a field to more than one hierarchy

5. Using the Geo Data Table, create a Map showing Sales made per State. For the State of New York (NY), what was the amount in Sales ($) made for Phone Assortments with White color?

6. Which of the following is a good reason for using a bullet graph?

7. Is it possible to make a Measure discrete?

8. You want to add Custom shapes to your visualisation. Where can you add these new shapes?

9. Which of the following returns the Absolute Value of a given number?

10. For a ____________ sort, no matter how the data changes, the values will always stay in the sort order we kept stuff in.


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