Pass Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam With SCA-C01 Exam Questions

Pass Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam With SCA-C01 Exam Questions

Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam is for those who have a comprehensive understanding of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment and approximately 4-6 months of experience. SCA-C01 exam questions and answers from Freetestshare are the greatest way to ensure your success in only one sitting. By practicing with our SCA-C01 Exam Questions, you will be able to easily answer all the questions.

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1. A Tableau Server Creator developed a workbook using Tableau Desktop 2019.2, and published the workbook to Tableau Server 2020.3. The next day, the user cannot find the workbook file on his local machine, and so he downloads the workbook again from Tableau Server 2020.3 to perform some updates. Will he be able to open the workbook using Tableau Desktop 2019.2? (Assume that no one else edited the workbook on Tableau Server, or republished the workbook again)

2. Which site role is being described?

• Can browse and interact with published views

• Can subscribe to content, create data driven alerts

• Open workbooks in the web authoring environment for ad-hoc queries, BUT CANNOT save their work

3. Which of the following statements correctly describe how a user's site role will be affected by synchronizing with an external Active Directory group? (Select all)

4. Which Tableau Server process is being described?

This is a web server that handles all requests to Tableau Server from browsers, Tableau Desktop, and other clients.

5. An admin came across this error in Windows Event Viewer: "Error sending email. Can't send command to SMTP host." - what is a potential solution to this problem?

6. Select the correct statement that describes the impact of logging levels on performance:

7. True or False:

In order to create a data-driven alert in a Tableau Server view, the chart / visualization of interest must have a discrete, numeric axis

8. Which Tableau API should you use to satisfy the following requirements?

• Programmatic access to work with content, users, sites, etc.

• Updating workbooks or data sources

• Automating management of users and groups

• Integrating Tableau with a custom app or web portal

9. What will happen if the limit for a role is left blank?

10. What happens when you delete a user in Active Directory, and then perform a sync operation on that user's group with Tableau Server? (Select all)


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