Get Latest AZ-720 Practice Exam To Pass Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity

Get Latest AZ-720 Practice Exam To Pass Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity

AZ-720 exam is the required exam to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Support Engineer for Connectivity Specialty certification, which validates your expertise in this area and offers you the opportunity to prove your Azure connectivity troubleshooting skills. FreeTestShare AZ-720 Practice Exam ensures a 100% success rate. You can use the free AZ-720 Practice Exam to familiarize yourself with our product. Our AZ-720 Practice Exam questions are syllabus-based, and we update them according to the real test. It enables you to study for the AZ-720 exam using actual exam questions and pass the first try.

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1. A company has users in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). The company enables the users to use Azure AD multi-factor authentication (MFA).

A user named User1 reports they receive the following error while setting up additional security verification settings for MFA:

Sorry! We can't process your request. Your session is invalid or expired. There was an error processing your request because your session is invalid or expired. Please try again.

You need to help the user complete the MFA setup.

What should you do?

2. A company uses an Azure Virtual Network (VNet) gateway named VNetGW1. VNetGW1 connects to a partner site by using a site-to-site VPN connection with dynamic routing.

The company observes that the VPN disconnects from time to time.

You need to troubleshoot the cause for the disconnections.

What should you verify?


A customer creates an Azure resource group named RG1 in the East US region. RG1 contains the following resources:

The customer performs the following tasks:

- Create a private endpoint for sqlsrv1 in subnet2 with the private IP address of

- Create a private DNS zone named by using a single A record named sqlsvr1 and the IP address

- Disable public access by using the public endpoint for sqlsvr1.

The customer reports that connections from VM1 to DB1 are failing. The solution must allow connections from VM1 to DB1 without making platform-level changes.

You need to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

What should you do?

4. A company connects their on-premises network by using Azure VPN Gateway. The on-premises environment includes three VPN devices that separately tunnel to the gateway by using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

A new subnet should be unreachable from the on-premises network.

You need to implement a solution.

Solution: Scale the gateway to Generation2.

Does the solution meet the goal?

5. A company uses Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for a VMware environment that includes the following virtual machines (VMs):

The company reports that they are unable to configure all of the servers for replication.

You need to evaluate the servers and server roles to determine which servers can be protected.

Which server can you protect by using ASR?

6. A company deploys the Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect their web applications.

Users in a remote office location report the following issues:

- Unable to access part of a web application.

- Part of the web application is failing to load.

- Parts of the web application has activities that are not performing as expected.

You need to troubleshoot the issue.

Which diagnostic log should you review?


A company has an Azure environment that uses one virtual network.

The company restructures the environment to use two different virtual networks. Virtual machines in one network cannot communicate with virtual machines in the other virtual network.

You need to re-establish a connection between virtual machines in the two networks.

How should you configure the networks?

8. A company has an Azure Virtual Network gateway named VNetGW1. The company enables point-to-site connectivity on VNetGW1.

An administrator configures VNetGW1 for the following:

- OpenVPN for the tunnel type.

- Azure certificate for the authentication type.

Users receive a certificate mismatch error when connecting by using a VPN client.

You need to resolve the certificate mismatch error.

What should you do?


A company named Contoso connects its on-premises resources to Azure by using ExpressRoute.

An administrator reports that the circuit is in a failed state.

You need to resolve the issue.

How should you complete the PowerShell commands?


A company uses public Azure DNS zones.

The company reports DNS record creation and name resolution issues.

You need to troubleshoot the issues.

What are the causes of the issues?


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