How to obtain DA-100 Certification?

How to obtain DA-100 Certification?

Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100) is the requirement for Microsoft Data Analyst Associate Certification. The exam tests the knowledge of designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide meaningful business value through easy-to-comprehend data visualizations.

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1. You need to provide a solution to provide the sales managers with the required access.

What should you include in the solution?

2. You need to design the data model to meet the report requirements .

What should you do m Power Bl Desktop?

3. In Power Bi Desktop, you are creating visualizations in a report based on an imported dataset.

You need to allow Power Bi users to export the summarized data used to create the visualizations but prevent the users from exporting the underlying data.

What should you do?


You have a folder of monthly transaction extracts.

You plan to create a report to analyze the transaction data.

You receive the following email message: "Hi. I've put 24 files of monthly transaction data onto the shared drive. File Transactions201901.csv through Transactions201912.csv have the latest set of columns, but files Transactions201801.csv to Transactions201812.csv have an older layout without the extra fields needed for analysis. Each file contains 10 to 50 transactions."

You get data from the folder and select Combine & Load.

The Combine Files dialog box is shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit tab.)

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


Once the profit and loss dataset is created, which four actions should you perform in sequence to ensure that the business unit analysts see the appropriate profit and loss data? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

6. Your company plans to completely separate development and production assets such as datasets, reports, and dashboards in Microsoft Power Bl.

You need to recommend an application lifecycle strategy. The solution must minimize maintenance to update access and prevent end users from viewing the development assets.

What should you recommend?

7. You have a Q&A visual that displays information from a table named Carriers as shown in the following exhibit.

You need to ensure that users can ask questions by using the term airline or carrier. The solution must minimize changes to the data model.

What should you do?


You have the data lineage shown in the following exhibit.

Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement based on the information presented in the graphic. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


You are enhancing a Power BI model that has DAX calculations.

You need to create a measure that returns the year-to-date total sales from the same date of the previous calendar year.

Which DAX functions should you use? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

10. Your company has training videos that are published to Microsoft Stream.

You need to surface the videos directly in a Microsoft Power BI dashboard.

Which type of tile should you add?


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