How to pass Isaca CISA Certification Exam Successfully?

How to pass Isaca CISA Certification Exam Successfully?

CISA certification is foundational to a successful IT career. Attaining CISA certification is considered beneficial because it is accepted by employers worldwide and is often requested for IT audit and security information management (SIM) positions. Our ISACA CISA practice tests cover CISA exam questions and answers to help you know about the topics of Certified Information Systems Auditor exam easily! It will help you achieve good exam results and assist you in testing yourself. 

Get started now and obtain CISA certification tomorrow!

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1. Which of the following is the GRE A TEST c oncern with cond u cting penetr a tion testing o n an internal l y develop e d a pplication in the pr o duction environm e nt?

2. An IS auditor finds that not all employees are aware of t h e enterpris e' s informa t ion security polic y . The IS auditor shou l d conclude that:

3. Wh e n r ev iewing backup policie s , a n IS auditor MUST verify that backup intervals of c ritical s y ste m s do not exceed which of t h e following?

4. Which of the following manages the digital certificate l i f e cycle to ensure ade q uate security and controls exist in digital si g na t ure a p plications related to e- c ommerce?

5. The M O ST important reason why an IT risk assessment s h ould be u p d a ted on a re g ular basis is to: A. utilize IT r esources in a cost-e f f e ctive manner

B. comply with data classification changes C. comply with risk management policies D. react to changes in t h e IT environment

6. A data center has a bad g e- e ntry system.

Which of the following is MOST i m portant to prote c t the comput i ng assets in the center? A. Badge re a ders are installed in locations where t a mpering w o u ld be noticed

B. The computer that controls the bad g e system is b acked up frequently

C. A process for promptly deactivating lost or stolen bad g es e x ists

D. All badge entry attempts are logged

7. By evaluating appli c ation de v el o pment proje c ts against the capability maturity mo d el (CMM), an IS

auditor shou l d be able to verify that: A. reliable products are guar a nteed.

B. programmers' e f ficiency is improv e d. C. security r equire m ents are desig n e d .

D. predictable software p r ocesses are followed.

8. An IS auditor should awa r e of various analysis models used by data architecture. Which of the following a na lysis model d epict data entities and h o w they relate?

9. Key verification is one of the best controls f or ensuring tha t : A. Data is entered correctly

B. Only authorized cryptogra p hic keys are used

C. Input is authorized

D. Database indexing is performed p ro perly

10. Which of the following is the BEST performance criterion for evaluating the adeq ua cy of an org a nization ' s s e curity a w are n ess training?