Latest SAS Business Analyst Certification A00-240 Dumps

Latest SAS Business Analyst Certification A00-240 Dumps

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1. Assume a $10 cost for soliciting a non-responder and a $200 profit for soliciting a responder. The logistic regression model gives a probability score named P_R on a SAS data set called VALID. The VALID data set contains the responder variable Pinch, a 1/0 variable coded as 1 for responder. Customers will be solicited when their probability score is more than 0.05.

Which SAS program computes the profit for each customer in the data set VALID?

2. The selection criterion used in the forward selection method in the REG procedure is:

3. Which SAS program will best identify influential observations in a multiple regression application?

4. Which statistic, calculated from a validation sample, can help decide which model to use for prediction of a binary target variable?

5. The total modeling data has been split into training, validation, and test data.

What is the best data to use for model assessment?

6. One common approach for predicting rare events in the LOGISTIC procedure is to build a model that disproportionately over-re presents those cases with an event occurring (e.g. a 50-50 event/non-event split).

What problem does this present?

7. Identify the correct SAS program for fitting a multiple linear regression model with dependent variable (y) and four predictor variables (x1-x4).

8. A financial services manager wants to assess the probability that certain clients will default on their Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

A former employee left the code listed below.

The training data set is named HELOC, while a similar data set of more recent clients is named RECENT_HELOC.

Which SAS data steps will calculate the predicted probability of default on recent clients? (Choose two.)

9. Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the control plot, which conclusion is justified regarding the means of the response?

10. Refer to the exhibit:

The box plot was used to analyze daily sales data following three different ad campaigns.

The business analyst concludes that one of the assumptions of ANOVA was violated.

Which assumption has been violated and why?


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