SAS Programming Associate A00-215 Dumps Questions

SAS Programming Associate A00-215 Dumps Questions

The best training tools for the A00-215 exam can be found on the Internet. It may not only assist you in passing the SAS Programming Associate certification exam, but it can also help you develop your knowledge and abilities. FreeTestShare A00-215 Dumps Questions include free trial questions. As a result, you can use the free demo as a starting point for your evaluation. You can practice with the A00-215 Dumps Questions. You can have a basic idea of the A00-215 Dumps Questions by practicing with our free practice exam. It enables you to study for the A00-215 exam using actual exam questions and pass the first test.

This free A00-215 practice test can now be used to assess your preparation.

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1. Which PROC PRINT option displays variable labels in the report?

2. Which SAS format displays a SAS date as 25JUN2019?

3. The SAS log of a submitted DATA step is shown below:

Which action resolve the error messages?

4. Given the data sets AMERICIAN NATIONAL and results in the data set BASEBALL shown below:



Which DATA step correctly creates the BASEBALL data set?

5. How many statements are In the program shown below?

6. Which statement is true about the SUM statement?

7. Which line contains a syntax error?

8. 1.Which step temporarily assign a format to the sales variable?

9. Which LABEL statement has correct syncytax?

10. Which statement is true regarding a variable?


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