Try Alibaba ACP-Cloud1 Exam Dumps For ACP Cloud Computing Certification

Try Alibaba ACP-Cloud1 Exam Dumps For ACP Cloud Computing Certification

If you are worried about your ACP-Cloud1 ACP Cloud Computing Certification exam and you are not prepared so, get the most updated ACP-Cloud1 Exam Dumps with 100% accurate answers. ACP Cloud Computing Certification is designed for those familiar to cloud computing and with a rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products. FreeTestShare Alibaba ACP-Cloud1 Exam Dumps will help you better comprehend the information included in the actual exam. If you are preparing or planning on ACP-Cloud1 exam, you can try these ACP-Cloud1 sample exam questions to see if you are ready for the real exam.

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1. By using ApsaraDB for RDS to implement read/write splitting, which of the following can be achieved? (Number of correct answers 2)

2. Alibaba Cloud SLB can distribute user requests to backend ECS instances. These ECS instances must have the same specification (CPU, Memory)

3. When the "'Obtain the Visitor's Real IP Address" function is enabled in Alibaba Cloud SLB For layer 7 services, you can obtain the real IP addresses of visitors through the______________field in HTTP header

4. A video company uses SLB to distribute user requests to 20 ECS instances with the same configuration to response these requests. As the Spring Festival approaches, service traffic would double during holidays (based on past experience). Thus, you use Auto Scaling to elastically adjust computing resources. Since the services is online for many years, you have historic records that can help predict the upcoming service traffic and choose the scaling mode freely.

In this scenario, which of the following options are feasible and with minimum operation efforts? (Number of correct answers: 2)

5. An enterprise hosts their servers (include both Linux and Windows servers) in a traditional IDC Every night hackers with IP addresses from many countries try to crack the password of their servers, making the administrator terribly worried about this However because of work requirements the remote management port of these servers must be opened to public network.

The administrator heard that Alibaba Cloud has solutions that can help customers improve the security of their systems Therefore, he/she wants to migrate the system to Alibaba Cloud .

Which of the following functions should the administrator activate in Alibaba Cloud to reduce the possibility of brute force password cracking?

6. Many of Alibaba Cloud services provide highlyreliable data storage capacity.For example, Object Storage Service (OSS) promises that its data reliability is no less than 99 99999999%. This high data reliability is solely achieved by RAID 0+1 redundancy technology.

7. All RDS for MySQL backups are full backups.

8. When using Alibaba Cloud SLB. you can set different weights for backend ECS instances The higher the weight of a backend ECS instance the more load will be assigned to it An SLB instance has 5 ECS instances in the backend server pool, all of which are healthy Among these 5 ECS instances, the weight of ecs_inst1 is set to 100 .

Which of the following statements is correct?

9. If you need to accelerate a certain domain name (such as via Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN), you must add it to "CDN Domain Name List" in the CDN service. After added successfully, you will get a CNAME address A Next, you need to modify domain name resolution and direct the domain name (such as to CNAME address A .

Which of the following is a NOT correct description of modifying domain name resolution?

10. For ECS and RDS instances under different Alibaba Cloud accounts but in the same region, which of the following statements is NOT correct for migrating self-built MySQL databases (running on ECS) to RDS?


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