Try Free ACP-Sec1 Exam Questions For ACP Cloud Security Certification

Try Free ACP-Sec1 Exam Questions For ACP Cloud Security Certification

Worried about your Alibaba ACP-Sec1 exam? ACP Cloud Security Certification is a professional technical certification oriented to architects, developers, and O&M personnel that use Alibaba Cloud security products. Customers may get the most up-to-date ACP-Sec1 exam questions and the most accurate study materials from us. You can now utilize this free practice test to gauge your readiness. You will get a comprehensive ACP-Sec1 study guide that will ensure your success on the first attempt!

To help you prepare for the exam, take a free ACP-Sec1 practice test.

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1. Alibaba Cloud Security Center provides patch management service, where are the patches published from?

2. Alibaba Cloud ECS instances are common targets of hacker attacks. There are many types of attacks against ECS instances.

Which of the following attacks specifically target the operating system of an ECS instance? (Number of correct answers: 3)

3. You have bought an ECS instance on Alibaba Cloud After deploying a Python environment on it, which of the following is the easiest and quickest way to monitor whether the Python process is running normally and report an alert if the process is accidentally terminated?

4. User A is the system administrator of a company, who often takes business trips to Shanghai Each time when he remotely logs on to the Shanghai an alert is reported, prompting "Someone is remotely logging on to the server Please pay attention to your server security"

Which of the following methods can be used to quickly and automatically resolve this issue?

5. Which of the following services can be protected by the Alibaba Cloud Security Center's anti-brute force password cracking function? (Number of answers 3)

6. If an ECS instance needs to be accessed by other applications from internet, a corresponding "port" must be enabled For example, HTTP applications work on port 80, while FTP applications work on port 21

If an administrator configures network security policies for this ECS instance, which of the following policies is the safest?

7. Content Moderation service is useful m a wide variety of scenarios.

Which of the following are the *most* suited to Content Moderation's capabilities? (Number of correct answers 2)

8. In which of the following scenarios is Alibaba Cloud Security Center applicable? (Number of correct answers 3)

9. When using Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Service/WAF in China Mainland, you must finish ICP Filing beforehand.

10. Which of the following attacks can Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Basic defend against? (Number of coned answers 4)


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