Try Free Alibaba ACP-Cloud1 Exam Questions With Verified Answers

Try Free Alibaba ACP-Cloud1 Exam Questions With Verified Answers

Alibaba Cloud Computing Certification (ACP Level – Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional) is a professional technical certification designed for architects, developers and O&M personnel who use Alibaba Cloud Computing products.  Before taking the ACP-Cloud1 exam, you may test your knowledge with a free ACP-Cloud1 practice test. The ACP-Cloud1 test dumps fully describe what you will face on the real exam, allowing you to pass the ACP-Cloud1 exam quickly.

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1. After creating an RDS for MySQL read-only instance, which of the following CAN NOT be performed by the read-only instance in RDS management console?

2. After stopping an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance, since the ECS instance is stopped, you will not be charged for anything related to that ECS instance until you start the instance again regardless of which region the instance is located in.

3. Which of the following scenarios can be done using Alibaba Cloud Express Connection? (Number of correct answers: 2)

4. Auto Scaling is a management service that can automatically adjust elastic computing resources based on your business needs and policies It supports adding an existing ECS instance into the scaling group but imposes certain requirements on instance region.

In this case, which of the following statements is true?

5. You have created two Alibaba Cloud VPCs in two different regions. To establish communication between these two VPCs via the Intranet, you can________.

6. All RDS for MySQL backups are full backups.

7. When a customer uses Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) service and finds there exist an amount of Internet downstream traffic, he/she can use Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) service to reduce the traffic cost.

Because the Internet traffic cost of CDN is lower than that of OSS, moreover, the back-to-source traffic cost from CDN to OSS is also lower than a user access to OSS directly.

8. Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer (SLB) provides services for distributing traffic among multiple ECS instances SLB can expand the application system's service capacity through traffic distribution, and improve the system's availability by eliminating SPoFs (Single Points of Failure).

Which of the following statements are correct? (Number of correct answers; 2)

9. Object Storage Service (OSS) supports access logging. A bucket owner can activate access logging for their buckets in the OSS management console. When access logging is activated for bucket A, OSS automatically accesses the request logs for this bucket (in hours) and generates and writes an object to the user-specified bucket B according to certain naming rules .

Which of the following statements is true for OSS logging?

10. A new media company uses a mobile app to provide news and information services. They utilize Auto Scaling to add/reduce ECS instances dynamically to address service traffic spikes.

Based on the estimation of their service and technical personnel the company thinks they require 10 ECS instances during idle hours and 10 to 20 ECS instances (dynamically adjusted) during some busy hours, which are normally from 07:30 to 09:00 and from 18:30 to 20:00 In the scaling group; they set the "Minimum number of instances" to 10 and "Maximum number of instances" to 20.

To simplify deployment tasks and save costs, which of the following scaling modes should they choose?


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