Try Free Latest Juniper JN0-450 Practice Test Questions and Answers

Try Free Latest Juniper JN0-450 Practice Test Questions and Answers

Mist AI, Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) JN0-450 exam is designed for Wireless LAN networking professionals with introductory knowledge of wireless networking using the Mist AI. The written exam for the certification verifies your basic understanding of WLAN and Mist AI technology, features, and functionality.

The most updated JN0-450 exam dumps have been ready for your JNCIS-MistAI Certification. We have prepared new JN0-450 Practice Test Questions to assist you in properly preparing for the JN0-450 test. FreeTestShare provides a free JN0-450 practice test to help you check the JN0-450 exam features. Now is the time to put your skills to the test with these online practice exams!

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1. Some users cannot connect to the network. You want to identify these users.

In Marvis, which query accomplishes this task?

2. How should Mist AP43 access points be mounted for location-based services?

3. Referring to the exhibit, what do you determine about the site's Time to Connect SLE metric?

4. Which two SLEs measure the amount of time that it takes for a process to complete? (Choose two.)

5. Which statement about BLE advertisement and Wi-Fi interference is correct?

6. Which two components set Mist apart from legacy WLAN platforms? (Choose two.)

7. What is the purpose of the PoE pass-through on a Mist AP?

8. Which two statements are correct about choosing your Wi-Fi AP's channel? (Choose two.)

9. The wireless service level expectation (SLE) for successful connects uses which three classifiers? (Choose three.)

10. When adding a floor plan in the Mist UI Live View, what are three key steps for any location deployment? (Choose three.)


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