2021 Free & Valid JNCDA JN0-1102 Questions and Answers Online

2021 Free & Valid JNCDA JN0-1102 Questions and Answers Online

JNCDA credential validates an understanding of network design fundamentals. A certification holder at this level has demonstrated entry-level knowledge of network design, theory, and best practices. You are required to pass Juniper JN0-1102 exam to get JNCDA Certification.

The purpose of this JNCDA JN0-1102 Questions and Answers is to assist you in studying for the JNCDA exam. These sample questions will give you an idea of the kind of questions you’ll see on the JN0-1102 certification test, as well as the difficulty level of the questions. FreeTestShare will always be here if you want more JN0-1102 test questions with verified answers for the actual exam.

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1. What are two phases of assessment when designing network security? (Choose two.)

2. What is the name of Juniper’s network management platform?

3. You are asked to deploy VPNs in your network.

What are two deployment models you would use? (Choose two.)

4. A customer wants to implement an automation system that can update BGP routes without commits and can make hundreds of changes per minute.

Which Junos automation tool would accomplish this task?

5. Network Director is an example of which type of network management application?

6. What should be the first item in your network design checklist?

7. Which name is used by a service provider to identify the edge device inside the central office facing the customer?

8. Your customer is a government organization with strict security requirements. They want to expand their Layer 2 infrastructure between multiple buildings within the same campus environment.

They also want to ensure that no unauthorized devices are connected between the switches in the different buildings.

Which solution ensures data security in this environment?

9. Which Junos Space application can be used to manage the security features of the SRX devices?

10. What should be included in a network design to improve resiliency?


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