Try Free SAP Extension Suite C_CPE_13 Questions and Answers

Try Free SAP Extension Suite C_CPE_13 Questions and Answers

Want to pass your SAP C_CPE_13 exam? SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Extension Suite C_CPE_13 certification exam validates that the candidate possesses the fundamental and core knowledge required of the SAP Extension Suite profile. Now, FreeTestShare is offering a free C_CPE_13 exam demo with real exam questions and answers collected from the real exam to assist you to understand the exam subjects and layout. 

Take a look at this free C_CPE_13 practice exam to get a better understanding of the exam!

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1. During application development, what are some principles of dealing with application errors? Note: There are 2 to choose.

2. Your customer presents you with the following UI requirements: The same visualizations for all users. Extraction of key information to identify a root cause. Searching, filtering, and sorting of items .

Which SAP Fiori elements floorplan do you recommend they use?

3. Which language do you use to create a data model in a CAP project?

4. Which dev space type in SAP Business Application Studio do you need when you want to create a CAP project?


Which severity level matches which request method?

6. Which basic user types exist on the SAP Business Technology Platform? Note: There are 2 to choose.

7. What do you need to consider when working with subaccounts in SAP BTP? Note: There are 2 to choose.

8. On SAP BTP, what request rate limit tries to protect the Cloud Foundry API against misuse?

9. What is the standard health check time limit of a Cloud Foundry application?

10. According to SAP CAP bestpractices, which error types should you NOT catch? Note:

There are 2 to choose.


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