VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist 5V0-11.21 Dumps Online

VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist 5V0-11.21 Dumps Online

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1. What are three valid migration modes in VMware HCX? (Choose three.)

2. An administrator deploys a normal (non-stretched) cluster of six i3en.metal hosts in VMware Cloud on AWS.

When deploying virtual machines to this cluster, which two of the listed storage policies would satisfy the service-level agreement (SLA) for a six host cluster? (Choose two.)

3. Which VMware solution provides customers with the ability to query and graphically display activities for audits, events and custom real-time alerts for the VMware NSX-T firewall running in VMware Cloud on AWS?

4. Which two statements are true about the characteristics of the Default Storage Scale-Out policy? (Choose two.)

5. When configuring Hybrid Linked Mode from the vCenter Cloud Gateway appliance, which groups are mapped from a customer's on-premises environment to the cloud?

6. An administrator is asked to create a new network segment in VMware Cloud on AWS. This network segment should be accessible from the on-premises data center.

How would the administrator create this new network and what segment type should it be?

7. What are two benefits of completing a full data center evacuation to VMware Cloud on AWS? (Choose two.)

8. A customer is deploying a new solution based on VMware Cloud on AWS. The customer is already running several native AWS services and would like the new workloads deployed into VMware Cloud on AWS to consume these services without incurring additional traffic charges. During the initial deployment of the VMware Cloud on AWS software-defined data center (SDDC), which option must the customer choose to meet the requirement?

9. An administrator runs an analysis on all workloads using Live Optics and confirms there are a variety of applications, including Microsoft SQL server and Oracle databases. The Microsoft SQL workloads are averaging 4,000 IOPS per virtual machine, approximately 50% writes. The Oracle workloads are averaging 3,000 IOPS per virtual machine, and approximately 80% writes.

Which method should be used to input the data into the VMware Cloud on AWS Sizer for the most accurate results?

10. An administrator would like their VMware Cloud on AWS software-defined data center (SDDC) cluster to scale down a host when CPU utilization drops below 60%.

Which Elastic DRS policy should be selected?


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