VCTA-CMA 2022 1V0-31.21 Real Questions And Answers

VCTA-CMA 2022 1V0-31.21 Real Questions And Answers

Want to pass VMware 1V0-31.21 exam and get VCTA-CMA 2022 Certification? Associate VMware Cloud Management Automation 1V0-31.21 exam tests a candidate’s basic understanding of virtualization and cloud concepts. It is a 58-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Exam time is 105 minutes. We provide free access to the most recent 1V0-31.21 practice exam questions and answers. You can practice the most recent 1V0-31.21 exam questions online!

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1. Which component is a prerequisite for using vRealize Log Insight Cloud to receive log events from data sources in a private data center?

2. Which three sets of high level dashboard categories are provided out-of-the-box as dashboard folders? (Choose three.)

3. Which tool can be used to visualize cloud resource relationships and associated misconfigurations, threats, metadata, and change activity?

4. Which on premises vRealize Operations component allows visibility into the entire federated environment through a unified view across all on-premises vRealize Operations deployments?

5. Which action must be performed to add information to a vRealize Log Insight dashboard provided by a Content Pack?

6. Which component provides a modern workflow automation platform which can be used by companies to automate hardware and software systems throughout their IT infrastructure.

7. Which component can be monitored with the dashboards in the VMware SDDC Health Monitoring Solution?

8. An operator has been tasked with powering on a single virtual machine that has been onboarded, along with a number of additional virtual machines, into a single deployment within vRealize Automation. The virtual machine was onboarded in a powered-off state.

Which two actions could the operator take to complete the task? (Choose two.)

9. An administrator is trying to deploy the SaltStack Config to an existing environment in vRealize Lifecycle Manager. However, the checkbox to mark that product is grayed out and cannot be selected.

What could be causing this problem?

10. An administrator wants to further explore guest-level system details for an object that is being investigated in vRealize Operations troubleshooting Workbench.

Which tab should the administrator visit to get the required details?


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