AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C03 Real Dumps

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C03 Real Dumps

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1. A company needs to set up a cost-effective architecture for a log processing application that has frequently accessed, throughput-intensive workloads with large, sequential I/O operations. The application should be hosted in an already existing On-Demand EC2 instance in the VPC. You have to attach a new EBS volume that will be used by the application.

Which of the following is the most suitable EBS volume type that you should use in this scenario?

2. A healthcare company stores sensitive patient health records in their on-premises storage systems. These records must be kept indefinitely and protected from any type of modifications once they are stored. Compliance regulations mandate that the records must have granular access control and each data access must be audited at all levels. Currently, there are millions of obsolete records that are not accessed by their web application, and their on-premises storage is quickly running out of space. The Solutions Architect must design a solution to immediately move existing records to AWS and support the ever-growing number of new health records.

Which of the following is the most suitable solution that the Solutions Architect should implement to meet the above requirements?

3. A company has an application architecture that stores both the access key ID and the secret access key in a plain text file on a custom Amazon Machine Image (AMI). The EC2 instances, which are created by using this AMI, are using the stored access keys to connect to a DynamoDB table .

What should the Solutions Architect do to make the current architecture more secure?

4. A start-up company has an EC2 instance that is hosting a web application. The volume of users is expected to grow in the coming months and hence, you need to add more elasticity and scalability in your AWS architecture to cope with the demand.

Which of the following options can satisfy the above requirement for the given scenario? (Select TWO.)

5. A local bank has an in-house application that handles sensitive financial data in a private subnet. After the data is processed by the EC2 worker instances, they will be delivered to S3 for ingestion by other services.

How should you design this solution so that the data does not pass through the public Internet?

6. A tech company is currently using Auto Scaling for their web application. A new AMI now needs to be

used for launching a fleet of EC2 instances.

Which of the following changes needs to be done?

7. A global online sports betting company has its popular web application hosted in AWS. They are planning to develop a new online portal for their new business venture and they hired you to implement the cloud architecture for a new online portal that will accept bets globally for world sports. You started to design the system with a relational database that runs on a single EC2 instance, which requires a single EBS volume that can support up to 30,000 IOPS.

In this scenario, which Amazon EBS volume type can you use that will meet the performance requirements of this new online portal?

8. A company plans to build a data analytics application in AWS which will be deployed in an Auto Scaling group of On-Demand EC2 instances and a MongoDB database. It is expected that the database will have high-throughput workloads performing small, random I/O operations. As the Solutions Architect, you are required to properly set up and launch the required resources in AWS .

Which of the following is the most suitable EBS type to use for your database?

9. A company has a global online trading platform in which the users from all over the world regularly upload terabytes of transactional data to a centralized S3 bucket.

What AWS feature should you use in your present system to improve throughput and ensure consistently fast data transfer to the Amazon S3 bucket, regardless of your user's location?

10. A tech startup is launching an on-demand food delivery platform using Amazon ECS cluster with an AWS Fargate serverless compute engine and Amazon Aurora. It is expected that the database read queries will significantly increase in the coming weeks ahead. A Solutions Architect recently launched two Read Replicas to the database cluster to improve the platform's scalability.

Which of the following is the MOST suitable configuration that the Architect should implement to load balance all of the incoming read requests equally to the two Read Replicas?


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