Try 2021 Free AWS SAA-C02 Exam Q&As to Test Yourself

Try 2021 Free AWS SAA-C02 Exam Q&As to Test Yourself

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (SAA-C02) exam is an IT certification exam for IT professionals working in cloud-based services with one year of experience designing cost-effective, fault-tolerant distributed systems at AWS. This is an associate-level IT certification that validates the individual’s skills to plan and deploy secure, robust applications on AWS effectively.

It is not an easy task to prepare for the SAA-C02 exam. FreeTestShare 100% real AWS SAA-C02 Exam Q&As cover 100% real SAA-C02 exam questions and answers to help you pass the SAA-C02 exam fast! This AWS SAA-C02 practice test contains practice exam questions and answers to assist you in testing yourself. Get started now! 

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1. A company is creating a new application that will store a large amount of data. The data will be analyzed hourly and will be modified by several Amazon EC2 Linux instances that are deployed across multiple Availability Zones. The needed amount of storage space will continue to grow for the next 6. Months.

Which storage solution should a solutions architect recommend to meet these requirements?

2. A solutions architect Is designing a new API using Amazon API Gateway that will receive requests from users. The volume of requests is highly variable: several hours can pass without receiving a single request. The data processing will take place asynchronously, but should be completed within a few seconds after a request la made.

Which compute service should the solutions architect have the API invoke to deliver the requirements at the lowest cost?

3. A company has three AWS accounts Management Development and Production. These accounts use AWS services only in the us-east-1 Region All accounts have a VPC with VPC Flow Logs configured to publish data to an Amazon S3 bucket in each separate account For compliance reasons the company needs an ongoing method to aggregate all the VPC flow logs across all accounts into one destination S3 bucket in the Management account.

What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

4. A solutions architect is implementing a document review application using an Amazon S3 bucket for storage. The solution must prevent accidental deletion of the documents and ensure that all versions of the documents are available Users must be able to download, modify, and upload documents.

Which combination of actions should be taken to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

5. A company has a large Microsoft SharePoint deployment running on-premises that requires Microsoft Windows shared file storage. The company wants to migrate this workload to the AWS Cloud and is considering various storage options. The storage solution must be highly available and integrated with Active Directory for access control

Which solution will satisfy these requirements?

6. A company is migrating a NoSQL database cluster to Amazon EC2. The database automatically replicates data to maintain at least three copies of the data I/O throughput of the servers is the highest priority.

Which instance type should a solutions architect recommend for the migration?

7. A company has developed a new content-sharing application that runs on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). The application runs on Amazon Linux Docker tasks that use the Amazon EC2 launch type.

The application requires a storage solution that has the following characteristics:

• Accessibility (or multiple ECS tasks through bind mounts

• Resiliency across Availability Zones

• Burslable throughput of up to 3 Gbps

• Ability to be scaled up over time

Which storage solution meets these requirements?

8. A company has a web application with sporadic usage patterns There is heavy usage at the beginning of each month moderate usage at the start of each week and unpredictable usage during the week. The application consists of a web server and a MySQL database server running inside the data center. The company would like to move the application to the AWS Cloud and needs to select a cost-effective database platform that will not require database modifications

Which solution will meet these requirements?

9. A company wants lo build an immutable infrastructure for its software applications. The company wants to test the software applications before sending traffic to them. The company seeks an efficient solution that limits the effects of application bugs

Which combination of steps should a solutions architect recommend? {Select TWO)

10. A company has an Amazon S3 bucket that contains mission-critical data. The company wants to ensure this data is protected from accidental deletion. The data should still be accessible, and a user should be able to delete the data internationally.

Which combination of steps should a solutions architect take to accomplish this? (Select TWO.)


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