Free Latest AWS Certified Database – Specialty DBS-C01 Dumps

Free Latest AWS Certified Database – Specialty DBS-C01 Dumps

Do you intend to obtain DBS-C01 AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification? The DBS-C01 Dumps have been updated to reflect the most recent version of the AWS Certified Database – Specialty exam.With a thorough understanding of these top-rated DBS-C01 Dumps, you will find it much easier to prepare for and pass the AWS Certified Database – Specialty exam. FreeTestShare provides DBS-C01 Dumps with real exam questions and answers to assist you to understand the exam topics and format. DBS-C01 Dumps include real questions and answers, which have been corrected and updated to ensure that they are true and valid.

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1. A company’s database specialist disabled TLS on an Amazon DocumentDB cluster to perform benchmarking tests. A few days after this change was implemented, a database specialist trainee accidentally deleted multiple tables. The database specialist restored the database from available snapshots. An hour after restoring the cluster, the database specialist is still unable to connect to the new cluster endpoint.

What should the database specialist do to connect to the new, restored Amazon DocumentDB cluster?

2. A major organization maintains a number of Amazon DB clusters. Each of these clusters is configured differently to meet certain needs. These configurations may be classified into wider groups based on the team and use case.

A database administrator wishes to streamline the process of storing and updating these settings. Additionally, the database administrator want to guarantee that changes to certain configuration categories are automatically implemented to all instances as necessary.

Which AWS service or functionality will assist in automating and achieving this goal?

3. A business is launching a new Amazon RDS for SQL Server database instance. The organization wishes to allow auditing of the SQL Server database.

Which measures should a database professional perform in combination to achieve this requirement? (Select two.)

4. A company has a production environment running on Amazon RDS for SQL Server with an in-house web application as the front end. During the last application maintenance window, new functionality was added to the web application to enhance the reporting capabilities for management. Since the update, the application is slow to respond to some reporting queries.

How should the company identify the source of the problem?

5. A company is going to use an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster for an application backend. The DB cluster contains some tables with sensitive data. A Database Specialist needs to control the access privileges at the table level.

How can the Database Specialist meet these requirements?

6. A company is about to launch a new product, and test databases must be re-created from production data. The company runs its production databases on an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster. A Database Specialist needs to deploy a solution to create these test databases as quickly as possible with the least amount of administrative effort.

What should the Database Specialist do to meet these requirements?

7. A financial services organization employs an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster to host an application on AWS. No log files detailing database administrator activity were discovered during a recent examination. A database professional must suggest a solution that enables access to the database and maintains activity logs. The solution should be simple to implement and have a negligible effect on performance.

Which database specialist solution should be recommended?

8. A business that specializes in internet advertising is developing an application that will show adverts to its customers. The program stores data in an Amazon DynamoDB database. Additionally, the application caches its reads using a DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) cluster. The majority of reads come via the GetItem and BatchGetItem queries. The application does not need consistency of readings.

The application cache does not behave as intended after deployment. Specific extremely consistent queries to the DAX cluster are responding in several milliseconds rather than microseconds.

How can the business optimize cache behavior in order to boost application performance?

9. For the first time, a database professional is establishing a test graph database on Amazon Neptune. The database expert must input millions of rows of test observations from an Amazon S3.csv file. The database professional uploaded the data to the Neptune DB instance through a series of API calls.

Which sequence of actions enables the database professional to upload the data most quickly? (Select three.)

10. A database specialist is building a system that uses a static vendor dataset of postal codes and related territory information that is less than 1 GB in size. The dataset is loaded into the application’s cache at start up. The company needs to store this data in a way that provides the lowest cost with a low application startup time.

Which approach will meet these requirements?


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