AWS SysOps Administrator Associate SOA-C02 Real Dumps

AWS SysOps Administrator Associate SOA-C02 Real Dumps

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1. A SysOps administrator has enabled AWS CloudTrail in an AWS account If CloudTrail is disabled it must be re-enabled immediately What should the SysOps administrator do to meet these requirements WITHOUT writing custom code''

2. A SysOps administrator is setting up an automated process to recover an Amazon EC2 instance In the event of an underlying hardware failure. The recovered instance must have the same private IP address and the same Elastic IP address that the original instance had. The SysOps team must receive an email notification when the recovery process is initiated.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

3. A manufacturing company uses an Amazon RDS DB instance to store inventory of all stock items. The company maintains several AWS Lambda functions that interact with the database to add, update, and delete items. The Lambda functions use hardcoded credentials to connect to the database.

A SysOps administrator must ensure that the database credentials are never stored in plaintext and that the password is rotated every 30 days.

Which solution will meet these requirements in the MOST operationally efficient manner?

4. An organization with a large IT department has decided to migrate to AWS With different job functions in the IT department it is not desirable to give all users access to all AWS resources Currently the organization handles access via LDAP group membership

What is the BEST method to allow access using current LDAP credentials?

5. A software development company has multiple developers who work on the same product. Each developer must have their own development environment, and these development environments must be identical. Each development environment consists of Amazon EC2 instances and an Amazon RDS DB instance. The development environments should be created only when necessary, and they must be terminated each night to minimize costs.

What is the MOST operationally efficient solution that meets these requirements?

6. A SysOps Administrator runs a web application that is using a microservices approach whereby different responsibilities of the application have been divided in a separate microservice running on a different Amazon EC2 instance. The administrator has been tasked with reconfiguring the infrastructure to support this approach.

How can the administrator accomplish this with the LEAST administrative overhead?

7. A SysOps administrator is evaluating Amazon Route 53 DNS options to address concerns about high availability for an on-premises website. The website consists of two servers: a primary active server and a secondary passive server. Route 53 should route traffic to the primary server if the associated health check returns 2xx or 3xx HTTP codes. All other traffic should be directed to the secondary passive server. The failover record type, set ID. and routing policy have been set appropriately for both primary and secondary servers.

Which next step should be taken to configure Route 53?

8. A company has an internal web application that runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group in a single Availability Zone. A SysOps administrator must make the application highly available.

Which action should the SysOps administrator take to meet this requirement?

9. A company's SysOps administrator has created an Amazon EC2 instance with custom software that will be used as a template for all new EC2 instances across multiple AWS accounts. The Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes that are attached to the EC2 instance are encrypted with AWS managed keys.

The SysOps administrator creates an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of the custom EC2 instance and plans to share the AMI with the company's other AWS accounts. The company requires that all AMIs are encrypted with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys and that only authorized AWS accounts can access the shared AMIs.

Which solution will securely share the AMI with the other AWS accounts?

10. A company is using an AWS KMS customer master key (CMK) with imported key material The company references the CMK by its alias in the Java application to encrypt data The CMK must be rotated every 6 months

What is the process to rotate the key?


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