Best Tips To Pass Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect Exam

Best Tips To Pass Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect Exam

Do you want to be able to pass the Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect exam with flying colors?  We recommend practicing with FreeTestShare B2C Commerce Architect dumps to test your knowledge and identify areas for development in an actual exam environment. FreeTestShare has compiled the most comprehensive collection of B2C Commerce Architect questions and answers to help you pass your Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect Exam. We have accumulated real B2C Commerce Architect dumps so that you can prepare and pass the Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect Exam on your first try.

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1. A company plans to build a new B2C Commerce storefront for a popular segment of products that generate high-volume sales. Their team is evaluating whether B2C Commerce is the right platform to build this storefront, and they are specifically concerned about how quotas and limits directly impact the efficiency and stability of solutions built on the platform.

Which two considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind when considering B2C Commerce Governance and Quotas? Choose 2 answers

2. A merchant uploads an image using the Content Image Upload module of Business Manager.

Which three modules can the merchant or developer use to display the image on the Storefront? Choose 3 answers

3. A company wants to integrate B2C Commerce and Marketing Cloud so that customers shopping online can be segmented for marketing campaigns like Abandoned Cart and Post Purchase Journeys.

Which two actions are needed to enable an Abandoned Cart Journey? Choose 2 answers

4. A company needs to have specific fields encrypted in the user interface on the contact record in Service Cloud as well as on some fields in data extensions that exist only in the Marketing Cloud. The merchant believes that Salesforce Shield Encryption is a suitable solution.

Which two considerations are relevant for the merchant when determining an appropriate solution? Choose 2 answers

5. A company recently launched their ecommerce sites for three countries: Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The company is now looking to set up marketing automations using Marketing Cloud.

Their B2C Commerce is configured with two realms: ANZ and SE Asia. Each country has a site within their respective realm: Australia and New Zealand sites are within ANZ and Singapore is within SE Asia.

Which account hierarchy should a Solution Architect recommend for the Marketing Cloud set up?

6. A company wants to Implement B2C Commerce and Service Cloud and connect the systems with their existing Instance of Marketing Cloud.

Which two tactics should a Solution Architect recommend to model a customer across all three systems? Choose 2 answers

7. Your project has 4 storefronts for different branches. Everyday at 4.00 am runs a job to import inventories, master catalog and storefronts for each of those sites. You’re in charge of job configuration, given this information what should be the best approach to achieve it?

8. A company actively uses CI/CO processes for their Service Cloud implementation and is adding Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Connect to their architecture. Under the current setup each developer has their own developer sandbox for development. Developers merge their changes into a sandbox for QA regularly, then once every week changes are moved to staging, and from staging to production instances.

Which set up should a Solution Architect propose to support this development approach considering costs and data segregation?

9. A merchant using B2C Commerce and Service Cloud has a requirement for service agents to order products on behalf of shoppers. In the envisioned scenario, a shopper contacts the service center with an order request, the agent uses the Service Console to find the shopper's account, and initiate an order on behalf of the shopper using payment information provided by the shopper. The merchant is considering the B2C Commerce - Service Cloud Connector for this implementation.

Which three considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind prior to implementation? Choose 3 answers

10. Given the SFRA Controller below:

Why would a JavaScript debugger, that is stopped at line 06, fall to show the viewdata variable in the inspection tool?


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