Try Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer Exam Dumps

Try Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer Exam Dumps

If you are preparing for Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer exam, you should get FreeTestShare Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer Exam Dumps to pass in the first try. You may be perplexed about exam question types, exam patterns, and time allotted to attempt questions on the Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer exam during your preparation. If you are preparing or planning on this exam, you can try these Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer exam questions to see if you are ready for the real exam.

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1. Sales Orders will not be updated in Salesforce.

What should a data architect recommend for maintaining Sales Orders in salesforce?

2. An Architect needs to document the data architecture for a multi-system, enterprise Salesforce implementation.

Which two key artifacts should the Architect use? (Choose two.)

3. Northern Trail Outfitter has implemented Salesforce for its associates nationwide, Senior management is concerned that the executive dashboard are not reliable for their real-time decision-making. On analysis , the team the following issues with data entered in Salesforce.

Information in certain records is incomplete.

Incorrect entry in certain fields causes records to be excluded in report fitters.

Duplicate entries cause incorrect counts.

Which three steps should a data architect recommend to address the issues?

4. Northern Trail outfitters in migrating to salesforce from a legacy CRM system that identifies the agent relationships in a look-up table.

What should the data architect do in order to migrate the data to Salesfoce?

5. UC is having issues using Informatica Cloud Louder to export +10MOrder records. Each Order record has 10 Order Line Items.

What two steps can you take to help correct this? Choose two answers.

6. UC is planning a massive SF implementation with large volumes of data. As part of the org’s implementation, several roles, territories, groups, and sharing rules have been configured. The data architect has been tasked with loading all of the required data, including user data, in a timely manner.

What should a data architect do to minimize data load times due to system calculations?

7. Universal Containers (UC) wants to capture information on how data entities are stored within the different applications and systems used within the company. For that purpose, the architecture team decided to create a data dictionary covering the main business domains within UC.

Which two common techniques are used building a data dictionary to store information on how business entities are defined?

8. Cloud Kicks needs to purge detailed transactional records from Salesforce. The data should be aggregated at a summary level and available in Salesforce.

What are two automated approaches to fulfill this goal? (Choose two.)

9. Cloud Kicks stores Invoice records in a custom object. Invoice records are being sent to the Accounting department with missing States and incorrectly formatted Postal Codes.

Which two actions should Cloud Kicks take to improve data quality? (Choose two.)

10. Universal Containers wishes to maintain Lead data from Leads even after they are deleted and cleared from the Recycle Bin.

What approach should be implemented to achieve this solution?


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