Free Access To Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Dumps

Free Access To Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Dumps

Are you willing to become a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant? It is not an easy task to prepare for the Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant exam. This Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant practice test contains real exam questions and answers to assist you in testing yourself. FreeTestShare Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant practice tests cover exam questions and answers to help you know about the topics easily!

You can check the free practice exam to assess yourself.

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1. Northern Trail Outfitters has acquired a new company and is importing customer data to Marketing Cloud. They want to ensure commercial emails are not sent to email addresses who have previously opted-out.

Which feature should they use?

2. A customer manually imports records for sending. Each record contains a warehouse ID that is shared between Marketing Cloud and a third-party system. The customer does not have developer resources, but wants to include the warehouse ID in their tracking parameters so that the third-party system can identify the subscriber.

What should a consultant recommend?

3. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a new subsidiary brand, Cloud Kicks, within the next six months. Cloud Kicks anticipates sending approximately 50,000 emails per month from a child business unit. NTO will execute a large campaign announcing and associating itself with Cloud Kicks as part of the brand kickoff and is comfortable sharing digital properties with them. Cloud Kicks wants to utilize a custom sending domain, but deliverability is a primary concern.

What approach should be recommended?

4. A customer wants Sales Cloud users to create and send Marketing Cloud emails.

Which two recommendations should the consultant make? Choose 2 answers

5. Every day at 3 a.m., Northern Trail Outfitter' (NTO) data lake instance starts generating a file that contains all records that should be sent one email or another for the next day's marketing campaigns. The size of the file varies depending on the previous day's tracking activity. As soon as the file is generated, NTO wants to import the data, segment the data, and then execute the daily sends.

What end-to-end process should deliver this efficiently?

6. A user in the MC wants to use salesforce custom object data for segmenting and personalization.

How should the consultant approach this requirement?

7. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to query Marketing Cloud for send data across SMS, Push, and email.

What would a consultant recommend?

8. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to provide near real-time data in a 30-day welcome journey.

Which data setup should they use for decision splits?

9. Northern Trail Outfitters' marketing team is new to Marketing Cloud and has very little coding experience. They have employed a consultant to help them design an automated solution for maintaining an auto-suppression list.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

10. A customer is starting a new children's fashion brand and wants to use a dedicated business unit within their existing Enterprise 2.0 account. They anticipate many of their current Enterprise contacts will subscribe to the children's brand, however, they want to separate subscriber opt-outs of the Enterprise and children's brands. The customer has minimal technical resources available for implementation and support.

What should a consultant recommend to meet these criteria?


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