Cisco CCDE v3.0 400-007 Updated Questions

Cisco CCDE v3.0 400-007 Updated Questions

The Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) 400-007 exam validates high-level design aspects as well as business requirements within the context of Enterprise network a rchitectures. To earn the CCDE certification, candidates must pass the 400-007 exam, as well as meet the experience requirements set by Cisco.

There are a variety of resources to help candidates prepare for the 400-007 exam, including training courses, practice exams, and study materials.By following Cisco CCDE v3.0 400-007 Updated Questions, you can increase your chances of success on the Cisco 400-007 exam.

Test yourself by the following 400-007 free questions.

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1. Company XYZ wants to improve the security design of their network to include protection from reconnaissance and DoS attacks on their sub interfaces destined toward next hop routers.

Which technology can be used to prevent these types of attacks?

2. A network architect must redesign a service provider edge, where multiservice and multitenant PEs are currently present.

Which design feature should be minimized in the new design to achieve reliability?

3. Which design benefit of bridge assurance is true?

4. You are designing a large-scale DMVPN network with more than 500 spokes using EIGRP as the IGP protocol.

Which design option eliminates potential tunnel down events on the spoke routers due to the holding time expiration?

5. A Tier-3 Service Provider is evolving into a Tier-2 Service Provider due to the amount of Enterprise business it is receiving. The network engineers are re-evaluating their IP/MPLS design considerations in order to support duplicate/overlapping IP addressing from their Enterprise customers within each Layer3 VPN.

Which concept would need to be reviewed to ensure stability in their network?

6. Which two possible drawbacks should you consider when introducing Network Functions Virtualization in a network design? (Choose two)

7. As part of workspace digitization, a large enterprise has migrated all their users to Desktop as a Sen/ice (DaaS), by hosting the backend system in their on-premises data center. Some of the branches have started to experience disconnections to the DaaS at periodic intervals, however, local users in the data center and head office do not experience this behavior.

Which technology can be used to mitigate this issue?

8. Which purpose of a dynamically created tunnel interface on the design of IPv6 multicast services Is true?

9. Retef to the exhibit.

An engineer is designing a multiarea OSPF network for a client who also has a large EIGRP domain EIGRP routes are getting redistributed into OSPF, OSPF area 20 has routers with limited memory and CPU resources The engineer wants to block routes from EIGRP 111 from propagating into area 20 and allow EIGRP 222 routes to How in.

Which OSPF area type fulfills this design requirement?

10. A BGP route reflector in the network is taking longer than expected to coverage during large network changes. Troubleshooting shows that the router cannot handle all the TCP acknowledgements during route updates.

Which action can be performed to tune the device performance?


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