Download Free Cisco 300-610 Sample Questions and Answers

Download Free Cisco 300-610 Sample Questions and Answers

Making it through the 300-610 exam is no longer a difficult task! Count on FreeTestShare Cisco 300-610 Sample Questions and Answers to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the exam layout! Cisco 300-610 Sample Questions and Answers from FreeTestShare are written to the highest technical standards, with real exam questions and answers. Our Cisco 300-610 Sample Questions and Answers cover all of the topics covered on the exam, so you’ll be prepared to pass the real 300-610 exam.  If you want to pass 300-610 exam quickly, get FreeTestShare 300-610 practice exam for a single success.

Try the free 300-610 practice exam below to assess your preparation!

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1. What is the disadvantage of asynchronous storage replication as compared to synchronous storage replication in a disaster recovery design?

2. An engineer must design a DNS service available to multiple network zones as a shared service. The network zones are deployed as VRFs within the data center network and no firewall is available for communication between VRFs.

Which protocol is needed to implement the shared services?

3. Which two features are provided by deploying an OOB management network in a Cisco Nexus data center? (Choose two.)

4. What are two reasons to select OTV as the DCI solution to connect multisite topologies? (Choose two.)

5. A network engineer must create a Fibre Channel fabric QoS design for an existing data center. The solution must provide relative bandwidth guarantees to application traffic, control latency, and prioritize application traffic.

Which mechanism must be deployed to support these requirements?

6. An engineer is expanding an existing ISCSI environment and must choose an addressing scheme. When checking one of the devices, the engineer discovers this target device naming used{prefix}. ftd0cb21.bcb389458389

Which addressing scheme was used in the environment?

7. A cloud provider deploys an infrastructure based on Cisco ACI Fabric, Cisco UCS, and Cisco HyperFlex Data Platform. The storage area network will be based on Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches with Hyper-V, VMware, and KVM used as the virtualization platform. The requirement is to deploy the overall solution by using a robust automation and orchestration tool.

Which tool meets these requirements?

8. An engineer must choose the World Wide Port Name for the Cisco UCS Fibre Channel virtual host bus adapter.

Which identifier must be used?

9. A company must introduce a scalable network automation tool to deploy, configure, and manage thousands of network device and service. The company servers already have been security-hardened and must not have any additional software installed on team. The security policy mandates the use of a secure communication protocol that support authentication and encryption for managing the servers.

Which two automation tools must be used to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

10. The management of the Cisco Nexus switches is provided over an isolated put-of-band network. The VDC feature is configured on the Cisco Nexus core switches.

How is out-of-band management access provided for each VDC?


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