Download Free IBM C1000-101 Exam Questions and Answers

Download Free IBM C1000-101 Exam Questions and Answers

IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 C1000-101 exam is required to pass for IBM Certified Professional Sales Engineer – Cloud v1 Certification. To pass the C1000-101 test on the first try, you must have accurate syllabus information and an excellent study guide. FreeTestShare 100 percent genuine C1000-101 questions and answers give you in-depth knowledge of the C1000-101 exam syllabus. C1000-101 dumps are exactly the right study tools that contain genuine exam questions and answers to help you pass the C1000-101 exam on the first try!

To put your skills to the test, try C1000-101 free practice questions! 

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1. Which term is used for an on-premise application that has been modified to run on the cloud?

2. A client is exploring options to move a highly sensitive, regulated workload to the cloud and requires integrated Promontory compliance expertise.

Which IBM Cloud offering should be considered for the workload?

3. 1.Which IBM Cloud offering enables clients to provision an isolated environment in the IBM Public Cloud?

4. Using Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, the customer is responsible for incident and operations management of their data.

What task is an example of the customer's responsibility?

5. Which two IBM Cloud services would be recommended in a cloud-native use case?

6. What arethe two ways for a customer with the Advanced or Premium support plan to obtain support?

7. Which option would guarantee resources for future deployments and cost savings by using a one or three year contract term?

8. Which IBM Cloud offering allows clients to determine if their VMware infrastructure and workloads are meeting compliance requirements, assess potential cyber risk and determine what's changed in their hybrid cloud environment?

9. Which IBM Cloud Catalog monitoring service add-on provides operational visibility into the performance and health of aclient’sapplications, services, and platforms?

10. Which IBM Cloud integrated open source version control system can be leveraged to expedite collaborative development?


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