Try Free IBM C1000-133 Sample Questions and Answers

Try Free IBM C1000-133 Sample Questions and Answers

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1. An Item Administrator configures a pre-configured bundleitem with the Parent Item 'AAA' and child items 'BBB' and 'CCC'. The Pricing Administrator in IBM Sterling Business Center setsthe price of 'AAA' as $10, 'BBB' as $5 and 'CCC' as $2. The CSRadds this pre-configured bundle item to the order and selects both the child items .

What is the price of the order in thisscenario?

2. An implementation professional needs to assign Roles to the Participants based on the following table:

Which is the correct way tomap the Roles to the Participants?

3. An implementation professional has extended an API template and anout-of-the box table. For both these modifications, the modified XML file has been kept in the appropriate directory. To ensure these changes are effective, the resourses.jar and entities.jar files need to be rebuild.

Which is the BEST way to accomplish this?

4. In order to handle the projected sales order volume, the Schedule Order agent needs to betriggered every 5 minutes.

Where can this be configured?

5. Application server data source connection pooling needs to be enabled for an IBM Sterling Order Management V9.4 application deployed on Oracle WebLogic Application Server 12c and Oracle Database 11g (

Which configuration will enable data source connection pooling?

6. To complete an order document’s lifecycle, each document has a set of different processes that it can go through .

What are these processes called?

7. During a Silent installation of the application, if a user does NOT want to perform any of the database operations, which setting needs to be configured?

8. A large retailer is out-of-stock on a lire model from the ABC tire company that is requested by a customer.

Which type of association with respect to the ABC tire model can be configured in IBM Sterling Business Center to prompt the CSR to offer the customer a similar tire from the XYZ tire company?

9. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of implementing the Promising Server?

10. Which option is NOT an advantage of using the indexing solution in an IBM Sterling Order Management V9.4 implementation?


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