S1000-007 IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Dumps Questions

S1000-007 IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Dumps Questions

S1000-007 IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Dumps Questions are available online for you to test. An individual who has completed the IBM AIX V7 Administrator Specialty has acquired limited experience working with AIX V7.  This individual has a broad understanding of AIX administration tasks, can operate with guidance, knows where to look for answers, and can apply this knowledge. You can get more S1000-007 IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Dumps Questions to study full version for your exam success.

Here we prepared free S1000-007 practice exam, you may have a try.

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1. An administrator is tasked with installing an open source package. They are told to use the IBM AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications because the organization wants to be able to open tickets with IBM support.

What should the administrator tell the requester?

2. What is the effect of running the mount -a command?

3. A customer added paging space and needs to activate it automatically after the next reboot.

Which command should the administrator issue?

4. When attempting to recover a corrupted file system an administrator runs the command fsckagainst the unmounted file system and receives the following error:

After confirming that the file system is not mounted, what should the administrator do next?

5. An administrator starts an AIX LPAR and wants to monitor the boot process using the HMC console.

Which command in HMC SSH session lists all managed systems, LPARs on them and offers an easy way to open a console window to an AIX LPAR?

6. Which command lists filesets that are below AIX V7.2 technology level 4?

7. Which user account is always UID 0 on AIX?

8. 1.Which command should be used to perform a graceful shutdown and reboot of an AIX LPAR?

9. A system administrator has noticed that static routes are missing after rebooting a system.

What is the most likely reason for this?

10. When a user logs in. the processing of their .profile is very slow.

Which issue could contribute to the problem?


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