Real IBM C1000-085 Sample Questions and Answers

Real IBM C1000-085 Sample Questions and Answers

Are you preparing for your C1000-085 IBM Netezza Performance Server V11.x Administrator exam? This exam is a 60 questions which will be tested in 90 minutes, you have to answer 41 questions correctly to reach the passing score. IBM C1000-085 Sample Questions and Answers will help you better comprehend the information included in the actual exam. You will be able to pass the C1000-085 exam with flying colors if you use our practice questions and answers.

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1. Which log file provides a DBA with an actual SQL statement that was executed?

2. When choosing a distribution key for a large fact table, what is a valid choice?

3. To enable or disable multiple schema support on the IBM Netezza Performance Server, which configuration file needs to be updated?

4. What happens to NFS mounts after a container failover?

5. When is a PRIMARY KEY (PK) table constraint evaluated during an INSERT statement into the table?

6. What are Clustered Base Tables (CBT)?

7. Which two file formats are valid for external tables?

8. Which command is used to register a user defined table function in the database?

9. IBM Netezza Performance Server drivers for the Go Language can be obtained from which location?

10. Which two scenarios can be addressed using the nz_check_disk_scan_speeds command?


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