Download HCIE-Storage V2.5 H13-629_V2.5 Sample Questions and Answers

Download HCIE-Storage V2.5 H13-629_V2.5 Sample Questions and Answers

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1. A bank enabled the SmartTier! feature for the storage space of the bill trading system. During the I/O monitoring process, it was found that the data access written by the business was very high.

Which of the following configurations can optimize performance? (Multiple Choice)

2. Huawei all-flash storage systems can use the Meteor control technology of SmartQos to improve service performance. When a user sets a performance upper limit target for a SmartOoS policy, the system will allocate a certain number of ( ) according to the performance upper limit target, and implement flow control by controlling provisioning. .

3. Which of the following businesses can use the SmartTier feature to improve storage system performance and reduce user costs? (Multiple Choice)

4. Active-active arbitration mechanisms supported by Huawei storage products include ( ) mode and arbitration server mode.

5. ( ) using the First Burst Enabled function of the SCSI protocol, the protocol-level optimization of data transmission between storage devices is performed, and the number of link transmission interactions for writing data is reduced by half.

6. Operation and maintenance is based on technology, and provides higher-quality services through technical guarantee products. Which of the following aspects can be used to improve the quality of operation and maintenance? (Multiple Choice)

7. Which of the following statements about the hard disk interface is correct? (Multiple Choice)

8. In the scenario of database protection, when the slave side uses virtual snapshots to verify the LUN data consistency between the production side and the disaster recovery side, it is found that the database of the disaster recovery side LUN cannot be started normally. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple Choice)

9. Which of the following statements about WORM features are correct? (Multiple Choice)

10. Game live broadcast platform A uses Huawei's all-flash storage to protect its business, and the storage system uses FlashLink technology specially designed for flash memory. Which of the following statements is true about the many-core technology? (Multiple Choice)


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