Free 2021 HCIA-Access V2.5 H35-210_V2.5 Real Questions To Test Yourself

Free 2021 HCIA-Access V2.5 H35-210_V2.5 Real Questions To Test Yourself

Holding HCIA-Access certification helps you master the basic principles and service configurations of access networks. Have the ability to commission Huawei access network devices and configure basic services, plan ODN networks, and troubleshoot basic faults.You will learn the knowledge of Access network overview, xPON principles, Network communication principles, Data service configuration, ODN engineering implementation and maintenance, and NMS basics.

Get the latest 2021 exam questions about HCIA-Access V2.5 H35-210_V2.5. FreeTestShare HCIA-Access V2.5 H35-210_V2.5 Real Questions provides you with updated questions and answers. This free quiz consists of free H35-210_V2.5 practice questions to help you know more about HCIA-Access V2.5 exam patterns and topics! Try it at once to test your prep! Try these H35-210_V2.5 actual exam questions and answers for free.

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1. VLAN division includes which of the following methods?

2. Is the following description correct? The devices in the ODN network need power supply to work.

3. What is the number of ADSL2+ subbands?

4. Is the following description correct? MxU automatic upgrade strategy, that is, when the device is powered on, the current version of the device is automatically compared with the target version of the strategy. If it is inconsistent, the device software version is automatically upgraded to the target version.

5. When other SNMP parameters are configured correctly, how to configure the trap source address of the device to ensure that the network manager can receive device alarms normally?

6. Is the following description correct? EPON data packets are variable length. The GPON downstream frame is of fixed length.

7. What are the operations that need to be performed when adding ONT to MA5680T?

8. In the GPON network, which of the following is the role of DBA?

9. What is the smallest constituent unit in the message constituent mechanism of the H248 protocol?

10. Which of the following encoding formats belong to the H248 protocol that can be used?


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