HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) V3.0 H12-261_ V3.0 Actual Questions

HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) V3.0 H12-261_ V3.0 Actual Questions

The latest version of HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) exam is v3.0, exam code is H12-261_ V3.0. If you are looking for H12-261_ V3.0 Practice Test with Real Exam Questions, you are in the right place. FreeTestShare has the latest H12-261_ V3.0 exam question from real exam to help you memorize and pass your exam at the very first attempt. H12-261_ V3.0 dumps 100% cover the latest exam pattern and topics used in the Real Test. 

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1. Which of the following description about the label space of MP L S is wrong?

2. Regard i ng the description of IGMP Snooping, which is cor r ect? ( Multip l e Choice) A. I G MP Snooping solves the problem of multic a st packets broad c ast at Layer 3

B. I G MP Snooping does not consume the CPU of the switch

C. IGMP S n ooping builds a MAC multicast address table by monit o ring I G MP messages sent by the host D. IGMP S n ooping runs at the link l a yer and is a multicast restriction mech a nism on the Layer 2 Ethernet switch, which is used to manage a nd control multicast groups

3. Configure queue-based tr a ffic s h aping. If the queue length exceeds the cache s i ze, the tail is discarded by default.

4. What is the three-la y er logical interface used to implement di f ferent VXLAN virtual network communication on the VXLAN L3 Gat e way?

5. VXLAN uses BGP EVPN to establi s h a tunnel. What kind of packets are used? A. Type3

B. Type5

C. Type4

D. Type2

E. Type1

6. When t here a r e multiple redu n d an t links in an IS-IS network, multiple equal-cost ro u tes may appea r . Regarding equal-cost r outes in an IS-IS ne t work, which of the f o llowing desc r iptions is wrong?

7. An eng i neer uses two routers to t est IPv6 services, and simulates the interconne c tion between hea d qu a rte r s and branc he s by running BGP4+.

The logical topology of the network is shown in the figure. Reg a rding the tr a nsmission of IPv6 routes betwe e n two devices, which of the following statements is wrong?

8. Which of the following state m ents about RAD I US is correct?

9. In addition to stateless address autoconfiguration, IPv6 devices can also obtain infor m ation such as add r ess, gateway and D NS through DHCPv6.

10. What is the meaning of ipv6 enab l e topology ipv6 in IS - IS p r otocol view? A. Doesn't have any meaning

B. Does not support IPv6 SPF calcul a tion

C. SPF calc u lation is performed sepa r ately in the topology of I Pv4 and IPv6

D. IPv4 and IPv6 use the same topology for SPF calculation


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