Free 2022 Juniper JNCDS-DC JN0-1302 Practice Exam Questions

Free 2022 Juniper JNCDS-DC JN0-1302 Practice Exam Questions

Want to pass Juniper JN0-1302 exam to get your JNCDS-DC Certification? JN0-1302 Data Center Design Specialist (JNCDS-DC) exam verifies the candidate’s understanding of data center network design principles. FreeTestShare is the place to go if you want to acquire all of the Juniper JN0-1302 exam questions and answers. The JN0-1302 practice exam contains actual exam questions and answers, ensuring that you pass the exam on your first attempt.

Use these JN0-1302 Practice Exam questions to test your knowledge.

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1. You are asked to design a solution for your data center EVPN/VXLAN fabric that will allow connectivity for all of your service platforms, such as firewalls and load balancers into a dedicated pair of border leaf devices

Which three Juniper Networks platforms would support this requirement? (Choose three)

2. You are asked to design a new data center connection where connections between switches will be encrypted for Layer 2 traffic.

In this scenario, which solution will provide the required encryption

3. You are deploying a new data center fabric to support virtualized systems. As part of the deployment, you must monitor server utilization of the hosts

In this scenario, which Juniper Networks product would satisfy this requirement?

4. A customer has concerns about various groups having the ability to easily access their corporate network infrastructure. They want to implement tighter controls for network infrastructure system access

Which three actions will accomplish this task? (Choose three)

5. You are designing a Data Center Interconnect (DCI). You must ensure that the local PE learns the local MAC addresses and then distributes these learned MAC addresses to the remote PEs using the control plane.

In this scenario, which DCI solution will satisfy the requirements?

6. Which statement about a Virtual Chassis deployment is correct?

7. What are two considerations when designing an IP fabric? (Choose two)

8. Your data center design must ensure that no access switch can become a single of failure.

Which two actions will satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

9. Exhibit.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct7 (Choose two)

10. You are designing an EVPN overlay architecture for your new data center fabric. You must ensure that the servers can be connected to multiple different leaf nodes

Which feature must be configured to allow for this functionality?


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