Free Access to 350-801 CLCOR Exam Questions For Your CCNP Collaboration Certification

Free Access to 350-801 CLCOR Exam Questions For Your CCNP Collaboration Certification

Obtaining the CCIE Collaboration, CCNP Collaboration, and Cisco Certified Specialist – Collaboration Core certifications requires passing the Cisco 350-801 CLCOR: Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies exam. Now a new version is updated for your test preparation.

To prepare for the 350-801 CLCOR Exam, FreeTestShare 350-801 practice exam will help you better comprehend the information included in the actual 350-801 exam. You will be able to pass the CCNP Collaboration 350-801 exam with flying colors. if you use our practice questions and answers. You can use the following free practice questions to determine your level of preparation. Now is the time to give it a shot!

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer configures a VoIP dial peer on a Cisco gateway.

Which codec is used?

2. An engineer with ID378163512 is designing a new dial plan for a customer that has offices in several countries on four continents around the world. This client also want to integrate with a Microsoft Lync backend,.

Which dial plan type does the engineer recommend?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer wants the SIP 200 OK shown to advertise codecs in the following order:

After correcting the codec preferences.

What should the audio payload show in the SIP Traces?

4. An engineer configures Cisco Unified Communications Manager to prevent toll fraud. At which two point does the engineer block the pattern in Cisco Unified CM to complete this task? (Choose two.)

5. On a cisco catalyst switch which command is required to send CDP packets on a switch port that configures a cisco IP phone to transmit voice traffic in 802.1q frames tagged with the voice VLAN ID 221?

6. How does traffic policing respond to violations?

7. Due to service provider restriction, Cisco Unified Communications Manager cannot send video in the SDP.

Which two options on Cisco Unified CM are configured to suppress video in the SDP is outgoing invites? (Choose two.)

8. Which packet delay is the maximum supported between Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes for clustering over WAN deployments?

9. What dialed number match this cisco UCM route pattern?

1[23] XX

10. An administrator executes the debug isdn q931 command while debugging a failed call. After a test call is placed, the logs return a disconnect cause code of 1.

What is the cause of this problem?


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