Free Access To HCIA-5G V2.0 H35-660_V2.0 Real Questions and Answers

Free Access To HCIA-5G V2.0 H35-660_V2.0 Real Questions and Answers

We just new updated H35-660_V2.0 exam questions for your HCIA-5G certification, now you can free access to HCIA-5G V2.0 H35-660_V2.0 Real Questions and Answers to have a practise. Now, FreeTestShare is offering a free H35-660_V2.0 practice exam with real questions and answers to help you get a better understanding of the exam themes and layout. You may also get a copy of the H35-660_V2.0 practice test from this website. The most recent H35-660_V2.0 dumps are based on the exam objectives and are intended to assist you in passing the H35-660_V2.0 exam.

You can now use our free H35-660_V2.0 sample questions to help you prepare for the exam.

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1. Which statement is correct regarding the meaning of defining the eCPRI interface? (single-choice question, 6 points)

2. What is the official name defined by the ITU for 5G networks? (single-choice question, 2 points)

3. Which of the following 5G security features, which one can be used to record operations for security audit? _SC

4. Which of the following is the terms refers to the base station in the radio network access in 5G? _SC

5. When is the first year of global 5G commercial use? (single-choice question, 2 points)

6. In the following description, which of the following are suitable for NSA networking? (Multiple choice, 2 points)

7. How many times is the 5G downlink peak rate higher than that of LTE? (single-choice question, 2 points)

8. Which of following is the 5G IoV alliance organization?

9. 5G can achieve reliable and controllable 5A ubiquitous communication between

humans, between humans and things, between things Other than “anytime” and

“Anywhere” .

Which other three options are part of the 5G concept? CMC // 5A=

Anyone, Anytime, Anything, Anywhere, Any-device

10. Which of the following are 5G technologies defined in 3GPP release 15? _MC


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