H12-724-ENU HCIP-Security (Fast track) V1.0 Exam Material

H12-724-ENU HCIP-Security (Fast track) V1.0 Exam Material

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You can check free H12-724-ENU practice exam below.

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1. Use the command on the switch to view the status of free mobility deployment, the command is as follows:

For the above command, which of the following descriptions is correct?

2. Web Standards that come with the client and operating system 8021 The instrument client only has the function of identity authentication:

It does not support the execution of inspection strategies and monitoring strategies. Any Office The client supports all inspection strategies and monitoring strategies.

3. Portal page push rules have priority, and the rules with higher priority are matched with the user's authentication information first. If none of the configured rules match, The default rules are used.

4. The security management system is only optional, and anti-virus software or anti-hacking technology can be a good defense against network threats.

5. When a guest needs to access the network through an account, which of the following methods can be used to access? (Multiple choice)

6. When the account assigned by the administrator for the guest is connected to the network, the audit action that the administrator can perform on the guest does not include which of the following options?

7. Content filtering is a security mechanism for filtering the content of files or applications through Huawei USCG00 products. Focus on the flow through deep recognition

Contains content, the device can block or alert traffic containing specific keywords.

8. Security authentication is mainly achieved through security policies. The terminal host support management for the security check of monthly users is mainly realized by loose check policies. End user behavior management is mainly realized by monitoring policies. If users need to formulate policies according to their own wishes, they can use them. Custom strategy.

9. According to the user’s access5W1H Conditions determine access rights andQoS Strategy for5W1Ho[Which of the following descriptions are correct? (Multiple choice)

10. SQI Server2005 may not be properly installed, which of the following may be the possible reasons?



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