H12-711_V4.0-ENU HCIA-Security V4.0 Exam Materials

H12-711_V4.0-ENU HCIA-Security V4.0 Exam Materials

H12-711_V4.0-ENU exam is a certification exam for Huawei’s HCIA-Security certification, which is a technical certification that demonstrates an individual’s knowledge and skills in networking and security. To prepare for the H12-711_V4.0-ENU exam, you can follow these steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the exam content and format: You can find the exam outline and objectives on Huawei’s website or in the exam preparation materials provided by Huawei. This will give you an idea of what topics are covered in the exam and the types of questions you can expect.
  2. Study the relevant materials: Huawei provides a list of recommended materials for the H12-711_V4.0 exam on their website. These materials include textbooks, online courses, and practice exams. You can also find additional study materials online or from third-party providers.
  3. Practice with mock exams: Practice exams are a great way to test your knowledge and identify areas where you need to focus your studying. You can find practice exams from Huawei or from third-party providers.
  4. Join a study group or find a study partner: Studying with others can be a helpful way to stay motivated and review material. You can join a study group or find a study partner to discuss the material and practice together.
  5. Take care of yourself: Make sure to get enough sleep and exercise, and eat well during your study period. It’s important to be in good physical and mental health to perform your best on the exam.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of success on the HCIA-Security V4.0 H12-711_V4.0-ENU exam. Good luck!

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_____ Authentication is to configure user information (including local user's user name, password and various attributes) on the network access server. The advantage is that it is fast. [fill in the blank]

2. The trigger authentication method for firewall access user authentication does not include which of the following? () [Multiple choice]


An engineer needs to back up the firewall configuration. Now he wants to use a command to view all the current configurations of the firewall. May I ask the command he uses is ____ [fill in the blank]

4. What is correct in the following description of Security Alliance in IPSec?

There are two ways to set up an IPSec SA


As shown in the figure, the process of AD single sign-on (querying the security log mode of AD server), please match the corresponding operation process.

6. WAF can accurately control and manage users' online behavior and user traffic.


IPSec VPN uses an asymmetric algorithm to calculate the ___ key to encrypt data packets. [fill in the blank]

8. As shown in the figure, what is the range of the AH protocol authentication range in transmission mode?

9. Which of the following NAT technologies can implement a public network address to provide source address translation for multiple private network addresses ()

10. In the TCP/P protocol core, which of the following protocols works at the application layer? ()[Multiple choice]


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