How do I pass the ServiceNow CSA exam?

How do I pass the ServiceNow CSA exam?

The CSA Certification is Certified ServiceNow Administrator certification, the basic level certification catering to the beginners who want to showcase their knowledge and skills to implement, configure, and maintain the ServiceNow system. To prepare for the exam, you may want to consider taking a ServiceNow training course. Additionally, you can review the ServiceNow CSA exam questions to gain a deeper understanding of how it works.

Here are some additional steps you can take to prepare for the CSA exam:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the ServiceNow platform, including its architecture, features, and capabilities.
  2. Review the ServiceNow System Administration Guide and other relevant documentation, such as the ServiceNow product documentation and release notes.
  3. Practice using the ServiceNow platform to perform common tasks, such as creating and managing users, groups, and roles; configuring workflows; and managing data.
  4. Take online training courses or attend in-person training sessions to learn about ServiceNow best practices and to gain hands-on experience with the platform.
  5. Review the exam objectives and the format of the CSA exam to understand what will be covered and how the exam is structured.
  6. Consider using practice exams or exam preparation materials to test your knowledge and identify areas where you need to focus your study efforts.

Try online free CSA exam questions.

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1. Which of the following concepts are associated with the ServiceNow CMDB? (Choose four.)



_______________ is a computer program running as a service; a physical computer dedicated to running one or more services, or a system running a database.

3. What is the platform name for the User table?

4. How is the Event Log different from the Event Registry?

5. What are two ways to generate an Event? (Choose two.)

6. The Employee On-boarding team has asked for a way for managers to order computers, monitors, business Cards, and cell phones for new employees.

How would you proceed to meet this requirement?

7. What are the 5 provided Roles by ServiceNow?

8. A Service Catalog may include which of the following components?

9. When importing spreadsheet data into ServiceNow, in which step does the data get written to the receiving table?

10. How are local flow variables accessed in the Flow Designer Data panel?


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