Try Free ServiceNow CIS-HAM Practice Exam Questions

Try Free ServiceNow CIS-HAM Practice Exam Questions

ServiceNow CIS-HAM Practice Exam Questions are the best way to get yourself prepared for the CIS-HAM exam confidently. CIS-HAM exam certifies that a successful candidate has the skills and essential knowledge to contribute to the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow ITSM Asset Management and ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM) applications.You can check the following ServiceNow CIS-HAM Practice Exam Questions to test yourself.

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1. What fields does the ServiceNow Content Service normalize or enrich? (Choose four.)

2. Expected outcomes of IT asset management (ITAM) include which of the following? (Choose three.)

3. During hardware model normalization, a hardware asset is set to a normalization status of, "Partially Normalized".

What is the most likely cause?

4. The Stock Rule Runner scheduled job replenishes stock in a stockroom__________.

5. Inventory audit results provide easy visibility into the reconciliation of scanned assets to the existing inventory.

What audit statuses are displayed as part of the results? (Choose four.)

6. Which of the following are components of the asset request structure? (Choose three.)

7. What is the default display name for an asset?

8. When disposing of an IT asset through a vendor, what documentation should be attached to the retired asset's record as proof of adherence to environmental, regulatory, and legal requirements?

9. Which of the following are valid substates of the Retired state? (Choose four.)

10. When running an asset audit, you receive the result of 10 "Scanned and expected" assets.

What does this mean?



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