The Most Update 300-620 DCACI Dumps For CCNP Data Center Certification

The Most Update 300-620 DCACI Dumps For CCNP Data Center Certification

The 300-620 DCACI Dumps have been updated with real exam questions and answers to help you prepare well for the Cisco CCNP Data Center 300-620 exam. FreeTestShare experts spent a lot of time and energy researching Cisco 300-620 exam objectives to collect the most recent 300-620 DCACI Dumps. We guarantee that you will have a better understanding of the Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure 300-620 exam topics and patterns. The entire 300-620 DCACI Dumps contains actual test questions and answers that will help you pass the 300-620 exam in the first attempt.

Test yourself with these 300-620 practice exam questions now!

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1. An engineer must deploy Cisco ACI across 10 geographically separated data centers .

Which ACI site deployment feature enables the engineer to control which bridge domains contain Layer 2 flooding?

2. What represents the unique identifier of an ACI object?

3. Which feature dynamically assigns or modifies the EPG association of virtual machines based on their attributes?


An engineer must configure VMM domain integration on a Cisco UCS B-Series server that is connected to a Cisco ACI fabric.

Drag and drop the products used to create VMM domain from the bottom into the sequence in which they should be implemented at the top. Products are used more than once.

5. What are two requirements for the IPN network when implementing a Multi-Pod ACI fabric? (Choose two.)

6. Refer to the exhibit, An engineer is deploying a Cisco ACI environment but experiences a STP loop between switch1 and switch2 .

Which configuration step is needed to break the STP loop?

7. A RADIUS user resolves its role via the Cisco AV Pair .

What object does the Cisco AV Pair resolve to?

8. Which two types of interfaces are supported on border leaf switches to connect to an external router? (Choose two.)

9. An engineer is implementing Cisco ACI at a large platform-as-a-service provider using APIC controllers, 9396PX leaf switches, and 9336PQ spine switches. The leaf switch ports are configured as IEEE 802.1p ports. Where does the traffic exit from the EPG in IEEE 802.1p mode in this configuration?

10. A Cisco ACI is integrated with a VMware vSphere environment. The port groups must be created automatically in vSphere and propagated to hypervisors when created in the ACI environment .

Which action accomplishes this goal?


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