Tips to Pass Salesforce Certified Maps Accredited Professional Exam

Tips to Pass Salesforce Certified Maps Accredited Professional Exam

If you are looking for the tips to pass the Salesforce Certified Maps Accredited Professional Exam, then you can try free online Salesforce Maps exam questions for your best preparation. Earners of the Salesforce Maps Accredited Professional credential have demonstrated skills and knowledge in designing, configuring, building, and implementing Salesforce Maps, Territory Planning, Live Tracking, and Maps Advanced. You can pass your Salesforce Maps exam after studying FreeTestShare Salesforce Certified Maps Accredited Professional Exam questions.

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1. Can the limit of each shift be set as an option for users assigned to a visit plan in SF Maps Advanced?

2. The buttons check in and check out in the SF Maps mobile app allow users to...

3. Only one dataset per visit plan is allowed by advanced SF Maps.

4. What concept in Territory Planning for SF Maps match the following official definition: "The proposed territory model for the group of records defined."

5. Which of the following Territory Planning Features will allow users to maximize geographic coverage without affecting current assignments.

6. The first step when building a Territory via Territory Planning is creating a Report.

7. What Permission Set must the user have that is setting up Advanced Maps?

8. If records are not geocoded with latitude and longitude coordinates in your environment, they will not appear in SF Maps and hence not be of use when building a Report.

9. Must a click2create button be added to the SF Maps interface and assigned to users in order to access the functionality of creating records directly from the SF Maps interface?

10. What is Geocoding in the context of SF Maps?


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