Tips To Pass Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam

Tips To Pass Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam is intended for an individual who has significant experience performing as a Salesforce Administrator. When preparing for Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam, getting the valid and best Certified Advanced Administrator dumps is the most important way to achieve the goal easily and smoothly. Best Certified Advanced Administrator Exam Dumps from FreeTestShare have collected all the valid exam questions and answers for good preparation. We make sure that our Certified Advanced Administrator Dumps are great and you will surely pass the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam successfully.

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1. What should a system administrator consider before using territory management? Choose three answers. * (1 Point)

2. an administrator has been asked to set up two custom objects named issues and tickets. multiple tickets can be associated with each issue, and each issue may be associated with multiple tickets.

How should the administrator set up the relationship between issues and tickets?

3. An administrator has been asked to create a replica of the production organization. The requirement states that existing fields, page layouts, record types, objects, and data contained in the fields and objects need to be available in the replica organization.

How can the administrator meet the requirement?

4. Whatarethesimilaritiesofcustomizableandcollaborativeforecasting? Choose two answers. * (1 Point)

5. The sales manager at Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to make sure the accounts that CK serves are happy. One way they track this is by how many open cases an account has with CK. The sales manager asks CK's administrator to build a report to show Accounts with Open Cases.

What report type would this be?

6. A sales manager would like a report of accounts with no closed/won opportunities in the last year.

How can this requirement be met?

7. An administrator need a business process automated, but only for certain user and profiles. The administrator will need to frequently update which users and profiles will use the process. After evaluating the declarative options, it was determined that this functionality must be done via an Apex trigger.

What software requirement should the administrator request so that process execution can be declaratively controlled?

8. Universal Containers wants to track expense reports and expense line items. Values from expense line item records need to be aggregated and displayed on the expense record.

What type of relationship should an administrator use to ensure that expense line items can be aggregated?

9. Which of the following features is NOT unique to Salesforce Knowledge? * (1 Point)

10. Universal Containers has a requirement to report on opportunities where the probability has dropped beneath 50%. The administrator has created a custom checkbox as a way to identify these records.

What else should the administrator do to meet this requirement? * (1 Point)


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