Pass Salesforce User Experience Designer exam with Real Questions

Pass Salesforce User Experience Designer exam with Real Questions

Searching for real questions for Salesforce User Experience Designer exam? Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer exam is for candidates who are aspiring or experienced designers wanting to build and design solutions on the Salesforce Platform. You can get real questions and answers to practice for your User Experience Designer exam which can help you pass your exam easily.

Here we prepared some User Experience Designer practice exams, you may have a try.

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1. Which two resource of the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) could be used to make custom application look, act, and sound like Salesforce? Choose 2 answers

2. A UX Designer has recently released a feature on experience Cloud and wants to know if the feature was successful and track usability over time.

Which research methodology should be used?

3. A UX Designer is in the process of designing a new page layout for a custom object in Salesforce.

How should the designer ensure the best end-user experience?

4. A UX Designer wants to explore sample code for Lightning components and see how changing to code affects the visual appearance in real time, without deploying any code to a Salesforce org.

Which two resources should help accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

5. A UX Designer is going to create a custom app for a new team of service agents.

Which three parts of the user interface could be customized? Choose 3 answers

6. A UX designer want to understand the mental model of employees who have requested a new internal community the brief specifies what the employees should be able to do on the site but the designer need to suggest and suitable architecture

Which technique should be used?

7. A UX Designer has been asked to improve Salesforce adoption among sales representatives at Cloud Kicks. After conducting stakeholder and user interviews, the designer finds there is no clear, consistent sales process.

What should the designer do next?

8. A Development team is not valuing the results of a usability testing session.

How should acceptance of the results be increased?

9. Universal Containers (UC) operates worldwide with offices in more than 100 regions in 10 different countries role hierarchy to control data visibility. In the new fiscal year, UC is planned to reorganize the roles and reassign accounts owners .

Which two point should an Architect consider in this situation? Choose 2 answers

10. Cloud Kicks wants its Discovery team to help explain the relationships between process steps and business teams.

Which types of process map should they produce?


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