Try 31861X Practice Exam For Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Design Certified Exam

Try 31861X Practice Exam For Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Design Certified Exam

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1. You are interested in having multiple devices to register with the same extension number, but use only one user license.

Which three are required for the Multiple Device Access feature? (Choose three.)

2. In preparation for the migration of CS1000 phones to Avaya Aura®, your customer is trying to understand how things will work after the migration.

How will CS1000 phones register?

3. You are explaining to your customer that Avaya Aura® Media Server (AAMS) has been adopted by Communication Manager, but Is not a direct replacement for media gateways.

Which two capabilities are supported by the Avaya Aura® Media Server? (Choose two.)

4. While working on a proposal that includes Avaya IX messaging you are comparing required features and licensing.

Which Avaya IX Messaging feature requires an additional license?

5. A customer with an Avaya Aura® Platform requires survivable remote capabilities at their new branch location. The new branch location must also support five analog telephones and two Tl trunks.

What will address these requirements?

6. You are adding a remote location to a Communication Manager(CM) 6.2 customer with a duplex system, and G650 media gateways at the core. You want to use H.248 gateway(s). The location will have 30 IP sets, 30 analog sets, and 40 DCP sets. You know that the base G430 gateway includes 32 Touch Tone Receivers (TTRs), and the G450 gateway includes 64 TTRs.

To support all of the sets going off-hook at the same time, how many TTRs will be required, and which hardware would be required to provide the TTRs?

7. You are working on a design that includes Avaya Aura® Presence Services.

Which statement regarding the Presences Services deployment is true?

8. A customer has a main location and several remote locations with Avaya Aura® Survivable Remotes.

How many components can an Avaya IX™ IP Phone J169 SIP endpoint register to simultaneously?

9. A customer wants to prevent additional calls from being established, and to preserve the quality active calls when the capacity limit on the WAN link is reached. The branch inter-office communication use rate is one trunk for every 20 users over the customer's star topology WAN. 600k of the WAN bandwidth is dedicated to voice.

Assuming G.729 (30k bandwidth per call) is used, which Call Admission Control (CAC) limit will meet the customer s requirement?

10. A company needs to add 1200 users to an Avaya Aura® deployment, and wants the same level of audio and video services for all users. But there is not enough bandwidth for audio and HD video calls for all of the existing and new users. (Assume HD video uses 1 Mbps.)

What can they do to provide the same audio and video services to all users?


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