Free Access To Avaya ACSS 72201X Practice Exam Questions

Free Access To Avaya ACSS 72201X Practice Exam Questions

The most recent 72201X exam questions and answers are available here. We recommend that you prepare with FreeTestShare Avaya ACSS 72201X Practice Exam Questions to test your knowledge and identify how you are prepared. The 72201X practice exam is an essential component of your Avaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam preparation approach since it allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, develop your time management skills, and get an estimate of the score you may expect. FreeTestShare 100% real 72201X exam dumps can help you pass the Avaya 72201X exam on the first try!

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1. In the Avaya Aura® Core, Communication Manager can be deployed in which two modes? (Choose two.)

2. Using the Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM) command line interface, which Linux command will display a quick, at-a-glance status of SM internal services?

3. You are configuring Shared Bandwidth Management for Call Admission Control (CAC) between Communication Manager (CM) and Session Manager (SM).

Which two tasks must you perform to achieve this? (Choose two.)

4. After implementation, Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM) replication status is Not Polling and the replica node is not reachable. The network connectivity has been verified, and so has the correct DNS configuration. Although Avaya Aura® System Manager (SMGR) cannot connect to SM, it can connect to other network components.

Based on an analysis of what is working and not working, where should the administrator try to isolate the issue?

5. In which three states can an Avaya Aura® System Manager (SMGR) Alarm exist? (Choose three.)

6. Which three are Avaya Subscription event packages? (Choose three.)

7. How can you show that a session is actually reaching the Avaya Aura® Media Server (AAMS)?

8. When one Avaya SIP Telephone (AST) user agent calls another AST user agent, Session Manager goes through different phases of processing the call.

What is the maximum number of Phase Tags and what are they called?

9. From which website can you obtain resources such as Product Change Notifications (PCNs), Documentation, Knowledge-based articles and make Parts/Service requests?

10. Which event packages would you expect to see an AST Endpoint subscribe to?


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