Try HCPA-Storage Certification H19-308-ENU Sample Questions and Answers

Try HCPA-Storage Certification H19-308-ENU Sample Questions and Answers

Are you anxious about your HCPA-Storage H19-308 exam? Passing HCPA-Storage exam proves that you have basic understanding of Huawei storage products, meet customers’ personalized requirements in this field, and are capable of designing storage products. We provide free access to the most recent HCPA-Storage H19-308-ENU practice exam questions and answers. You can practice the most recent H19-308-ENU exam questions online!

Try HCPA-Storage H19-308-ENU practice test now to assess your prep level!

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1. OceanS t or 90 0 0 sup p o r ts high de n sity nodes. A. TRUE


2. 2600 V3 supports ho t -swappable 12G SAS interface modu l e

3. The Oc e anStor F V5 series all-flash storage supports both tiered storage (Smar t T ier) and intelligent

caching (SmartCache). A. TRUE


4. Which a re the cust o mer benefits of Huawei stora g e RAID 2.0+? (Multiple Choice) A. Substantial performa n ce improvement

B. Fast data reconstruction

C. Automatic global load balancing

5. Which of the following state m ents i s NOT correct about SAN? A. SAN incl u des IP SAN and FC SAN

B. Server and storage e q uipment are c onnected throu g h stora g e n etwork C. Application server and storage equ i pment can be expand e d separately D. SAN can provide file access and file sharing se rv ices

6. The Oce a nStor 2200 V 3 does not supp o rt scale-out. A. TRUE


7. Smart T ier for file s y s t e ms is a tiering feature. What is the migration gr a nularity?

8. Which R AID level d o es not provide data prote c tion? A. RAID 10



9. SmartMigration sup p orts three data migration app r oaches: S t orage me d ia migration (for example, between SAS and NL-SAS), RAID level migration (between di f ferent RAID levels), and conversion betwe e n a thin LUN and a thick LUN.

10. Which a re the ad v an t ages of Dor a do V3? (Multiple Choice)


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