Download Free HCIA-Big Data V3.0 H13-711_V3.0-ENU Sample Questions

Download Free HCIA-Big Data V3.0 H13-711_V3.0-ENU Sample Questions

Want to practice online Free HCIA-Big Data V3.0 H13-711_V3.0-ENU Sample Questions? Candidates are required to answer H13-711_V3.0-ENU exam to achieve the success. Now prepare for your HCIA-Big Data V3.0 H13-711_V3.0-ENU exam with new exam dumps, which contents are correct and valid. You will find H13-711_V3.0-ENU exam dumps with actual questions and verified answers are great for preparation.

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1. As the following figu r e, regard i ng the flume data transmission architecture, what are the components at the "?"?

2. In the Fusioninsight HD cluster t h ree-tier network, the ma n agement n od e, control node, and data node a re re c ommended t o be instal l ed in di f ferent network segments to i mprove reliabilit y .

3. What d a ta does Fusion Insight Mana g er back up re g ularly? (Multiple c h oice)

4. Regarding DataSet, which of the following statements is incorrect?

5. Which o n e of the foll o wing factors have contributed to the v igor o us development of the big data e r a?

6. Assuming that HDFS only sav e s 2 copies when writing data. D uring the w riting process, the HDFS

Client first w r ites the data to DataNodel1 and then writes the data to DataNo d e2.

7. What is t h e module used to mana g e the active and standby status of Loader Server p r ocesses in

Loa d er?

8. Hive is a data ware ho use software based on h a doop, which c an query a n d manage P B-level distributed data.

Which of the following de s criptions of H ive features is wrong?

9. What d a ta does Fusioninsight Manag e r back up regul a rly? (Multiple choice)

10. Wh e n the size of a Region g r ad ua lly increases in HBase, it may be trimmed.


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